Design Hub Barcelona (DHUB)

The Design Hub Barcelona, also known as "DHUB", is a museum and a design center located in Barcelona in Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, forming part of the urban remodeling of this area of the city. It is a modern and distinctive building, characterized by its avant-garde and sustainable design, which has become a symbol of Barcelona's new architecture.

This is a space dedicated to the exhibition, promotion and understanding of design in all its facets, including industrial, product, graphic, fashion and architectural design. However, it offers a wide range of activities, including temporary and permanent exhibitions, conferences, workshops, educational activities and research projects, with the aim of spreading the culture of design and promoting its importance in contemporary society. In addition, the center houses an important collection of design pieces, as well as an archive and a specialized library.


Design Hub Barcelona exhibitions

The exhibitions at the Design Hub Barcelona represent the diversity and richness of the world of design, offering perspectives ranging from traditional design to the most avant-garde trends, and seeks not only to exhibit design but also to encourage reflection and dialogue about its role in society Exhibitions include the following:

  • Permanent exhibitions: They tend to focus on the museum's permanent collection, offering a deep insight into the evolution of design in areas such as industrial design, fashion, graphic design, and furniture. These exhibitions highlight how design has influenced society over time.
  • Temporary exhibitions: They tend to be more focused on contemporary or specific topics. These may include work by emerging designers, innovative design themes, or current trends in the design world, showing the dynamic and diverse nature of design.


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