"Digital Impact" at the Design Hub Barcelona, an x-ray of the current state of digital art and design

Fins al 28 d'agost del 2023

"Digital Impact" at the Design Hub Barcelona, an x-ray of the current state of digital art and design

The Digital Impact exhibition will become one of the key axes of the year's exhibition scene in the city of Barcelona. This art is the present and the future, but also the past if we take a historiographical view, since it is a movement that arose in the sixties of the last century and maintains an even more powerful postmodern validity than at its beginnings.

From the end of April to August, it will be four months in which the Disseny Hub Barcelona will be filled with this idea of showing digital art in its contemporary moment, under the direction of Pep Salazar and the curatorship of 'Héctor Ayuso and Oriol Pastor. A tour of sixteen pieces by artists with international relevance, where they will create the piece using digital tools and the public will find a fully immersive space divided into sixteen micro-spaces that correspond to each artist's work. A museographic scenography created to show these creations with the aim of having fun, enjoying and exciting every person who finds themselves in dialogue with digital art.

An important exhibition of 2023, with two and a half years of previous work, with works that had never been seen in Barcelona, while looking for the conjunction with a current world that we live in completely digital and where art is part of this panorama , seeing how this type of creations, more and more, are exposed looking for a critical look and an eye with judgment. Not all of the digital world is shocking and interesting, but this is where the creativity of each artist comes in to define their work.

The staging of Digital Impact has to do with the need to see these works through the many screens that will be part of the exhibition conglomerate, creating an immersive world, from contemplative works looking for the dynamism of digital art and being able to extract the same emotions; of self-generating pieces that are generated as time passes and evolution will be synonymous with these works, in addition to the immersive concept, with 360-degree experiences where you can integrate and become part of the same art.

Some of the artists will show works that have never been seen in Barcelona, such as Refik Anadol with Machine memoirs or Universal Everything with Infinity or Future You , in addition to artists such as Quayola, Joëlle Snaith, Alba G. Corral or Antoni Arola, others. This whole set within a museum context has the clear intention of bringing this digital art to the whole public, of seeking curiosity to know what happens with these contemporary creations, leaving evidence of the normalization of digital avant-gardes in the world of art and the city of Barcelona. Four months where the city will be the epicenter of current art, taking a look at the past, the present and the future, becoming an experience of art and design between the virtual and the physical world.


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