INCLASSIFIABLES, a podcast on Catalunya Ràdio, presented and directed by David Escamilla and Ricard Planas.

A creation of Bonart Cultural, with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the collaboration of the Lluis Coromina Foundation.

INCLASSIFIABLES travels all over Catalonia, looking for art spaces, creative studios, museums and foundations: the Antoni Tàpies Foundation, the RCR Architecture Study, the KBr Fundació Mapfre, the Lluís Coromina Foundation, the Contemporary Culture Center of Barcelona (CCCB)... David Escamilla and Ricard Planas talk, very closely, with our most prestigious international artists: Albert Serra, Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca, RCR Arquitectes, Cabosanroque, Franc Aleu... Painters, sculptors, architects, filmmakers , performers and creators of experiences immersive

INCLASSIFICABLES shares, with the most heterodox and free-spirited creators, their successes and challenges. The podcast is aimed at all audiences, with the firm desire to bring the most relevant creators and their artistic instincts closer to the citizens of our country, in an intergenerational way.