The MACBA presents 'Jordi Colomer. Façade Photo Festa Futur Fideus'

Nomadism, the periphery, the popular imagination, humor, community, provisionality, fiction and utopia are some of the underlying themes in the works of Jordi Colomer (Barcelona, 1962)

The MACBA presents 'Jordi Colomer. Façade Photo Festa Futur Fideus'
bonart barcelona - 13/05/24

With the title Jordi Colomer. Façana Foto Festa Futur Fideus, the MACBA presents the exhibition curated by Martí Peran brings together sculptures, collages, installations, photography, video and live actions made by the artist from the late eighties to the present day. The exhibition disrupts the chronological order and proposes a contamination between geographies, stories, objects and implications of the public inside and outside the museum. The exhibition can be visited until September 24.

This is the most extensive exhibition to date dedicated to the work of the Catalan artist, who was the representative of the Spanish pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale (2017), and brings together productions made in specific contexts in cities all over the world, with a marked performative sense.

On the occasion of the exhibition, three new productions have been developed: Abecedario argentino, 2023/2024, as part of the program of the "la Caixa" Foundation. Support for Creation'22. Production and with the collaboration of the Ramon Llull Institute; Spanish Coast, 2017/2024, and El balcó, 2024, which has the collaboration of Casal dels Infants del Raval. In addition, the work No? Future!, 2006, is presented with the collaboration of the CCCB.

The exhibition offers an extensive journey through the work developed by Jordi Colomer from the late eighties to the present day, through multiple formats: sculpture, collages, photography, video, installations and live actions. More than explaining the evolution of his career, this wide set of works aims to delve deeper into what makes it possible to conceive of it in a unitary way. The key we propose is the scenic condition: where the illusory and the reality converge in a continuous ebb and flow.

After a first period focused on exploring the materiality of fiction through the production of objects-sculpture, Colomer takes this learning to the streets to multiply the relationships between imagination and reality. From this displacement arise numerous issues that will become recurrent: mobility and nomadism, the provisional and the peripheral, the popular imagination and humor, community and utopia.

Most of the works gathered here are productions developed in specific contexts in a series of cities around the world: Barcelona, Bucharest, Sana'a, Mexico City, Istanbul, Tetuan, Modena, Palermo and Buenos Aires, among others . In all these locations, Colomer promotes a series of actions of various scales. Sometimes the situation is played by a single actor - this is the case, for example, of Anarchitekton (2002-2004), No? Future! (2006) Medina Parkour (2014)–, in others specific communities are appealed to (Abecedario argentino (2023) and, very often, the entire citizenry is summoned, as we see in Crier sur les toits (2011 ), New Palermo Felicissima (2018) or Modena Parade/Corteo Modenese (2022). find new tools to address crucial issues: who are the actors and what are their imaginaries? Façana Foto Futur Fideus capable of so much, what can we expect from the entire alphabet?

The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication that will be presented at the end of the exhibition. The book, a journey through Colomer's creative universe, will include texts by Martí Peran, Benedetta Casini, Ignasi Duarte, Carolina Olivares and Núria Gómez Gabriel, which focus on various aspects of the artist's practice.

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