LaFACT presents a book commemorating the centenary of the artist Romà Vallès

Vallès, introducer of informalism and abstraction in Catalonia, lent 680 works, the
his personal archive and his documentary fund at LaFACT

LaFACT presents a book commemorating the centenary of the artist Romà Vallès
bonart terrace - 27/04/24

Romà Vallès was undoubtedly a pioneer of Catalan informalism and one of the main figures of this movement coming from the renewed trends of the 50s and 60s. Vallès, introducer of informalism and abstraction in Catalonia, lent 680 works , his personal archive and his documentary fund at LaFACT.

This year, therefore, a book edited by LaFACT has been published with the support of the Lluís Coromina Foundation and the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The book collects the most significant works from the eleven series that encompass the career of Romà Vallès and includes large and small format reproductions of works by Vallès accompanied by texts by historians and art critics Joan Gil, Sílvia Muñoz, Ricard Planas and Conxita Oliver

Each series groups a research adventure around a concept or content and ends when the artist considers the possibilities of experimentation exhausted. Therefore, the series are chained chronologically and this is how the content of this book is also ordered. The book costs 15 euros and can be purchased at the box office of the Cultural Factory in Terrassa.

New space in the lobby of the Terrassa Cultural Factory

Parallel to the presentation of the book, the new room where the work is permanently exhibited has been presented: the Espai Romà Vallès. The new space was born from the need to bring the artist's work closer to visitors, now located in a room adjacent to the lobby where more than 100,000 people pass through annually. From the lobby, we visualize and highlight three identifying elements of LaFACT's cultural heritage: the auditorium, Torres Garcia's frescoes and from now on, the Romà Vallès Space with the artist's work. The seed of the Romà Vallès Space was born from the need to find a facility capable of welcoming, preserving and guarding the artist's legacy, and dynamizing the space with a human team enthusiastic about the idea and the project .

The Cultural Factory of Terrassa was therefore the place chosen by the artist with the firm commitment that LaFACT will ensure the conservation and dissemination of the work. The activities of this Space are boosted through a monitoring committee made up of six members:

● Adrià Fornés, director of LaFACT

● Joan Gil, member of the International Association of Art Critics

● Sílvia Muñoz, historian and curator of exhibitions

● Conxita Oliver, historian and art critic

● Ricard Planas, art critic and CEO of the Bonart Cultural group

● Bel Vallès, daughter of the artist

The Espai Romà Vallès was born with the intention of not only being an exhibition hall, but of creating itinerant samples that LaFACT facilitates to those facilities that are interested in hosting them. LaFACT is also working on a pedagogical task, providing schools with documentation for teachers to teach the artist's life and work. Guided tours for all types of audiences and workshops are regularly offered.

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