Presentation of the new Espai Romà Vallès

The Terrassa Cultural Factory presents the new Espai Romà Vallès

Presentation of the new Espai Romà Vallès
bonart terrace - 24/04/24

On April 26, at 11 a.m., the presentation will take place from the new Espai Romà Vallès to the Espai a the Terrassa Cultural Factory. The event will be attended by members of the Espai Romà Vallès commission: Adrià Fornés, director of the Terrassa Cultural Factory; Joan Gil, member of the International Association of Art Critics; Sílvia Muñoz, historian and curator of exhibitions; Conxita Oliver, historian and art critic; Ricard Planas, art critic and CEO of the Bonart Cultural group and Bel Vallès, daughter of the artist.

Romà Vallès is one of the pictorial references of the informalist current and of abstract expression in the Catalan and Balearic territory. Delivered to the constant search for form and its intellectual content, in a material thickness, the color rises above the plastic orography. Over the years his work has been solidifying a substrate of the sense of space, the use of matter, the violence of the gestural sign and the uniformity of a palette of colors that emanates spirituality.

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