Jordi Grau

Jordi Grau and Ramió. Journalist (Girona, 1957). Vice-president of the Association of Journalists of Catalonia in Girona. He has been deputy director of El Punt Avui and director of El Punt Avui in the Girona regions. He was the first director of El 9 Esportiu de Catalunya. He has worked at Ràdio Girona and Diari de Girona. He currently collaborates with El Punt Avui and presents "The City of Books" on TVGirona. He has written "Puigdemont, the president @KRLS" and was coordinator and co-author of "Les piletes del Borbons" and "Els Borbons en piletes" and of the four books "Diari d'una retirea" about the end of the Civil War in Catalonia .