Mari Ito at La Villa del Arte Galleries

Mari Ito at La Villa del Arte Galleries
bonart barcelona - 09/11/23

Since last October 26th, the new temporary exhibition has been held at La Villa del Arte Galleries in Calle de la Palla, number 10 in Barcelona by the artist from Tokyo (Japan) Mari Ito. This exhibition focuses on the theme of "desire", as the artist delves into the human psyche and the coexistence of the Id, Ego and Superego. Of these three, Ito reflects on the first, the Id, the purest and most primitive - as the source of our desires and their consequences.

How, unlike Western culture, Japanese society is not in favor of the external expression of certain opinions and emotions, especially in public spaces, which makes it increase the interest of the pieces, which serve to help convey certain thoughts and feelings. In this way, Ito tries to alleviate this need for direct communication in the form of words and through his creations offers a unique perspective of Japanese culture. In addition, this exhibition exhibits the series of photographs resulting from the collaboration with the photographer Toni Mateu, under the title Self-transformation – Natural and unnatural.

For this collaboration, the artist insists on the series of self-portraits in a golden bathing suit that have appeared in recent years that aim to suggest drowning in desire. This photographic work questions self-transformation and the nature that human beings seek. The golden swimsuit symbolizes desire and temptation, and emphasizes the contrast with nature.

Through the photographic work, the relationship between human desire and nature is explored and the journey towards self-transformation is represented. Regarding Ito's professional career, the artist has exhibited in Barcelona, Basel, Istanbul, New York, etc. It is also worth noting his latest exhibitions at Casa Vicenç de Gaudí in Barcelona and in the Real Botanic Garden in Madrid.

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