Top level contemporary art at Feriarte 2023

Lovers of painting and sculpture have a new appointment with the most prominent international artistic avant-garde

Top level contemporary art at Feriarte 2023
bonart madrid - 09/11/23

Contemporary art will once again be present at Feriarte 2023, which will be held from November 11 to 19 in Hall 4 of IFEMA MADRID. On this occasion, Artelandia Galeria d'Art proposes works by artists such as André Butzer and Jorge Galindo, as well as a bronze by Jaume Plensa from 2021, among many others. On the other hand, once again Carlos Teixidó Galeria d'Art attends the fair with important pieces such as a painting by Celso Lagar, Maja, 1936, or a sculpture by Team 57.

The CasaZóbel Art Gallery consolidates its artistic career from 2019 to the present, betting on the best modern and contemporary painting. At the fair he presents a wide variety of works; from Antonio Saura and Luis Feito to Emilio Grau Sala and Scoltar. Galeria Aleseide will once again propose Spanish sculpture from the 20th century and today, as is the case with Guitarra, a piece by the artist Pablo Serrano, co-founder of the El Paso group. In the case of the Benlliure gallery, founded in 1984 in Valencia, it will bet on a wide variety of works by different creators, as is the case with Passing By Lovers, 2014, by Juan Uslé.

Specializing in 19th and 20th century painting and drawing, the David Cervelló Art Gallery will attend Feriarte with interesting pieces by Manolo Valdés, Juan Genovés, Antoni Tàpies, Luis Feito, Joan Miró, Calder, Sean Scully and Serge Poliakoff, among many others The Madrid gallery Del Cisne will once again participate with modern art of the 20th century, such as the historical avant-gardes and contemporary art of the 21st, national or international. Among other works, he will present oils by the Catalan Joan Hernández Pijuan, as well as by Óscar Domínguez. The Hispanic gallery maintains a fund of Historical Avant-gardes, Schools of Paris and Madrid, El Paso Group, Dau al Set, etc., but it also works with current established or mid-career artists. At the fair he will exhibit pieces by Xavier Mascaró and Mel Bochner.

The Catalan gallery Jordi Pascual also participates in Feriarte, with works by Joan Miró, Antoni Tàpies and Manolo Valdés, among other masters. A space specialized in the painting of artists who were part of the historical avant-garde and post-war period. In addition, it offers a second, more current line, in which it promotes the painting of established contemporary artists.

With a consolidated artistic career, the Jorge Alcolea gallery combines its commitment to contemporary painting with the conservation of antiques and Modern Art. On this occasion, the artists Matías Krahn, Isabel Ramoneda and Fabio Colella, among others, will be protagonists at their stand at the fair.

With an extensive history that began in 1977, the Jorge Juan Gallery is an expert in the great Spanish art firms of the 19th and 20th centuries. On this occasion, its space will host creators such as Joan Miró. In addition, he will also bet on previous teachers, as is the case with Joaquín Sorolla.

The Lorenart gallery, which specializes in first-class firms from the 20th and 21st centuries, will also be present at Feriarte with a wide variety of works by artists such as Óscar Domínguez, Manolo Millares, in addition to also having a piece by Sorolla.

On the other hand, the Luis Carvajal gallery, which is particularly committed to Spanish painting and Picasso's ceramics, will exhibit pieces by different artists of great relevance. Also the Montenegro gallery, specialized in historical avant-garde, modern and contemporary art, will contribute important paintings. And among its wide range, Pascal Avit will exhibit a pair of bronzes by Jaume Plensa.

The Marc Calzada gallery, Roger Viñuela, Art Petrixol or Adrià Codina Art Gallery will be other exhibitors who will also attend Feriarte with important works of contemporary art.

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