Santa Mònica and the Virreina Center de la Image present 'Anti-Futurism Cimarrón'

Santa Mònica and the Virreina Center de la Image present 'Anti-Futurism Cimarrón'
bonart barcelona - 13/10/23

Until January 31, 2024, Anti-Futurism Cimarrón can be visited simultaneously at the Santa Mònica and la Virreina Center de la Imatge, being the first co-production between these two institutions. The double exposure finds its point of departure in the imagination of a non-colonialism, based on the marronage as a methodology of resistance, a model of reinvention and restart of the world. The exhibition invokes the concept of the maroon as a flight and escape from the materializing world-plantation of the hierarchizing European civilizational matrix of work, populations and bodies organized under the mode of accumulation of racial capitalism.

The project of the collaborative and expository exhibition adopts Gloria Anzaldúa's idea of artistic work as a cure, it is conceived by the decolonial philosopher of Afro-Caribbean origin Yuderkys Espinosa-Miñoso and the visual artist of Chilean origin Katia Sepúlveda, the which are also the healers. These authors have invited a group of activist and community artists, individuals and collectives, previously selected, to be part of a process of collective creation from reflecting, from their experiences and different enunciative places, a series of texts and contexts that announce with hope the disappearance of Europe and its world project based on the conquering ego.

The exhibition presents the works of Colectivo Ajchowen, Colectivo Ayllu, Imayna Caceres, Yoel Díaz Vázquez, Johanné Gómez Terrero, Marcela Huitraiqueo, Grupo Katanga, Nitzayra Leonor, DJ Maldita Vaina, Verena Melgarejo, Daniela Ortiz, Naomi Rincón Gallardo, Yelaine Rodríguez, Evel Romain and Katia Sepúlveda.

The full process includes a year-long theoretical-practical seminar/laboratory, which began in 2021 with once-a-month virtual sessions in which to reflect, debate and imagine based on the following questions: What would the world be like if Europe ( as a trope) disappear? What would it be like if it never existed? What has it been like to live the time outside the historical time of European modernity?

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