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Bonart, the L'Olivar Foundation and Temporada Alta present issue 198 of the magazine

Bonart, the L'Olivar Foundation and Temporada Alta present issue 198 of the magazine
bonart windshield - 12/10/23

Bonart Cultural, sculptor Enric Pladevall and Temporada Alta presented issue 198 of the magazine at the Olivar Foundation Sculpture Park - Pladevall Collection. The Vigata-Gironi sculptor and performer Enric Pladevall guided a visit to the Crypt, which gave attendees a unique experience.

In this exhibition space, the artist presented a passable sculpture that pays tribute to the olive tree, in a great poetic gesture where the word, the image, the earth and the roots converge. Crypt, the title of the exhibition, is an exological thought that, according to the artist, manifests itself in a pagan temple that seeks to be a poetic and theatrical liturgy.

Then, a poetic action was carried out in the artist's studio, in the middle of his works. Salvador Sunyer, director of the Temporada Alta festival, and Ricard Planas, publisher of Bonart, wanted to recognize the creative work of the sculptor, who this year has been selected to design the poster for the new edition of the Temporada Alta festival.
Next, it gave way to the poetic action born from the monograph 'malart_198'. The recital was developed by the hand of Ramon Prat, who through the percussion put rhythm to the voices of Carles Camps, Narcís Comadira and Quim Espanyol. These recited the poems included in the monograph, which combine art and words in a dossier that deals with the sculptural and spatial proposal of the Foundation: the Crypt

To culminate the action, Quim Espanyol shared his view of Pladevall's work, and together with the artist they talked about creation, expression and artistic interpretation,
At the end of the debate, the Olivar restaurant offered a pairing between sculptures accompanied by moonlight.


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