Eulàlia Llopart takes her matrices to Sant Cugat

Eulàlia Llopart takes her matrices to Sant Cugat

The House of Culture of Sant Cugat hosts an exhibition by the artist Eulàlia Llopart. It presents a selection of paintings, sculptures with alabaster and paper and photographs. This artist's work has experienced a stir since the days of the pandemic.

The exhibition revolves around the concept of the matrix as a generator of creation and life, hence the title of the exhibition Being a matrix. The plate or matrix can be for reproducing prints or the mother for giving birth to children. A concept that Llopart can explore as an artistic practice and is related to his own biography.

The paintings he exhibits are large woodcut plates that Eulàlia rarely prints. He only works on the plank, which he calls xylomatrius, as if it were already the definitive work. Inking it with its characteristic red and scratching the surface with the gouge to make the filaments or network that characterizes his compositions. Llopart gives the paintings dynamism. And for this exhibition, as a novelty, he wears two pieces printed on paper.

The concept of matrix-mother becomes even clearer with the video (Re)born and with the paper sculpture Ser matrix. In the video, the artist is filmed with a drone in the middle of what looks like a bird's nest, in the middle of a field, in a fetal position. As the camera zooms in the field is dry and the nest has a crown of flowers. When he walks away the field is green and the straw nest is dry. With this sequence the artist evokes the cycle of the seasons and the birth of life.

In the sculpture Ser matriu, made with several handmade papers painted red, the artist rips out the center forming a rhomboidal shape that, being several papers, recalls the womb.

The exhibition curated by Pep Codó can be seen until October 21, at the Casa de Cultura, c/ Castellví, 8, next to the monastery.


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