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Panoràmic, Film, Photography festival celebrates its 6th edition

Panoràmic, Film, Photography festival celebrates its 6th edition
bonart granollers - 19/10/22

Panoràmic, a festival of Cinema, Photography and more celebrates its 6th edition from October 20 to November 27 simultaneously in Granollers and Barcelona. The festival, which aims to be a meeting point between the still image and the moving image, with disciplines ranging from photography to cinema, video, installation and other contemporary visual practices, will, as always, feature exhibitions , screenings, debates, workshops and conferences in different cultural spaces in the two cities.

The theme of the new edition of Panoràmic is The fourth landscape, with reference to artificial landscapes and digital environments, a concept that will be debated, questioned and reflected on in all the artistic creations presented at the festival.

In the exhibition area, Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts will show the audiovisual installation by the Swiss video artist Ursula Biemman, a project developed in the Colombian Amazon for years and which combines several currents of knowledge around the intelligence of plants, interspecies relationships and the coding of life; fellow Swiss Jojakim Cortis & Adrian Sonderegger will exhibit “Icons”, a project that uncovers iconic images from the history of international photography through the meticulous recreation of the image in their studio, including traces of the production process and the instruments used , mixing different levels of reality and illusion; the Mexican photographer Mayra Martell will show photographs of the natural devastation of a mining town in Peru, today in a climate emergency, and of the urban devastation of Ciudad Juárez, and the RiverBoom artist collective will pay their particular tribute to the great master of the 20th century American landscape, Ansel Adams.

Txema Salvans will exhibit at the Granollers Museum Un domingo cualquiera, an exhibition about non-places, desert spaces, but not uninhabited, that become a space for anthropological research, like the car park of a Carrefour on a Sunday morning; the English artist Suzanne Moxhay will present her photomontages that blur the boundaries between photography and painting to create familiar and strange atmospheres, at the Teatre Auditori in Granollers; the most important school of photography in Kiev (Ukraine), closed today, will exhibit, at the Refugi Aeri in Plaça Maluquer i Salvador de Granollers, images made by teachers who are on the front line, and Cinema Edison will host a show of Croinne Botz with photographs of eighteen models from the 1950s that reproduce in miniature eighteen possible crime scenes.

Linked to digital art, the Welsh programmer Andy Kelly will show the landscapes of video games from a new perspective; Virtual Reality will allow you to walk through the landscape of the image of this year's festival; Augmented Reality will modify the environment of Roca Umbert, by the artist Gerard Toledano, and Serafín Álvarez will fill the streets of the large-format canvas factory with landscapes from "Umbral", his digitally constructed fictitious island.

As part of Panoràmic file, the artistic project that works with historical archives with the aim of activating their backgrounds and making them visible, the artist Jaume Parera will talk about the transformation of the bank of the river Congost, from a landfill in leisure time, based on archival and current images from the Granollers Municipal Archive; Gadea Burgaz will make an installation with photographic correspondences between Mallorca, France and Granollers based on images from Casa Planas de Mallorca; the artist Eva Marín will critically review the mountain landscape, instrumentalized from politics with archetypal representations of patriotic exaltation, with images from the Photographic Archive of the Excursionista Center of Catalonia and Raquel Friera proposes a reflection on the Archive of 'Ethnography and Folklore of Catalonia as an instrument of power.

In collaboration with the KBr Photography Center - MAPFRE Foundation, the festival organizes a cycle of conferences, directed by Joan Fontcuberta, with some of the authors exhibiting at the festival, such as the Mexican photographer Mayra Martell and the Swiss artists Jojakim Cortis & Adrian Sonderegger, and with other speakers such as the Australian art historian Geoffrey Batchen or the philosopher Emanuele Coccia, among others.

In the image: Eva Marin. Peak, conquests and cracks

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