Mayte Vita Paths of light and darkness


Mayte Vita Paths of light and darkness

Fundació Vila-Casas. Castell de Vila-seca. Fins al 13 de novembre del 2022

Fina Duran Riu - 18/10/22
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Entering the incredible space of Vila-seca Castle to see the Cosmos exhibition, created by Mayte Vieta specifically for this place, is to start a journey that accompanies you through the countless paths that pass between darkness and light , or maybe between light and dark? In any case, a question that we will have to discover during the visit.

The first path to take is physical, reaching the first piece you find in a darkened room leads you to enter a universe where your imagination will accompany you continuously. Entre deux mondes takes you out of the everyday life of the domestic space that has accompanied you and suddenly brings you closer to distant constellations, stars that create an atmosphere of immensity that shocks us and makes us feel our pettiness

The journey continues until we enter another type of dimension; with the work Oxigen (three pieces located in a large space) the imaginary worlds reach us with the perception that we are in a place surrounded by unreal worlds and where we see ourselves immersed in a special silence that we perceive as a living element that memory makes connect with other works of the artist.

Finally we reach the darkest space; with Nada es más negro a strong impact awaits us, a large wall with images of darkness that surprisingly reveal the most real light to us. You have to enter this space and let yourself be surrounded by the luminous darkness of a nature that speaks to us and tells us that only through our perception will it be possible for us to grasp the message that this series of images brings us where space, time, memory, imagination and finally light and darkness play to create and uncreate bonds and dreams.

From the luminous darkness we reach the real light in a room where a small deer looks in a mirror while in front of it is a wall full of mirrors that reflect our image accompanied by the expression "I love you" in 23 different languages. Without realizing it, we are trapped by this vision of ours accompanied by the expression until we perceive that nature surrounds us, both from the images and the natural light of the paradisiacal environment of the building, and from nature unreal and almost invisible created by the artist. Another way of telling us that everything is very changeable and that we must not stop being attentive to everything around us because nothing lasts.

As always, the sensitivity and creativity of Mayte Vieta's work takes us to an unreal place but very much ours in which we easily recognize ourselves and through which we travel to inner worlds where everything flows and where our human nature goes revealing the need not to lose the perception of what surrounds him.

In the image: Mayte Vieta. Oxigen , 2022. Installation of three photographs printed on backlit methacrylate © Mayte Vieta

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