Call for curator Espai Dipòsit 2022

Call for curator Espai Dipòsit 2022
bonart palm - 24/03/22

The Department of Culture and Social Welfare of Palma City Council, through the General Directorate of Visual Arts, which aims to promote and disseminate contemporary visual arts and thought in the municipality of Palma, as well how to revitalize the artistic context of the city and support professional development, launches the hiring of curators, aimed at curators, artists and mediators or mixed teams working from the latest art, from hybridizations between languages, the relations between art and the common, relational artistic projects, mediation, new technologies, reflections on local art ... In short, the curatorships understood as a process that seeks to challenge the present to generate critical thinking. The aim of this contract is to select two curatorial projects to be carried out during 2022 in the Espai Dipòsit del Casal Solleric.


Professionals, individually or collectively, who present a curatorial project, meet the requirements of this call and have not been selected in the 2021 edition of the call for curators of the Casal Solleric can apply for recruitment.

Characteristics of the proposals

1. Only one proposal per holder will be accepted

2. The initial forecast is to carry out the first project between May and August 2022 and the second between September and December 2022. These dates may vary due to force majeure.

3. We are looking for site specific projects that take into account the characteristics of the space. It will be valued that they integrate mediation actions in their conception or make them possible.

4. The interventions will have to be respectful with the space, declared good of cultural interest which entails different conditionings of intervention. Failure to comply with this condition may result in exclusion from the project.

5. The financial endowment of each project is 10,500 euros including VAT.

6. The economic proposal must detail the VAT, withholdings of personal income tax or other fiscal or tax charges, if applicable, without exceeding the amounts indicated in the table of amounts for each item. If any meals or travel must be included in the fees, they will not be paid separately.

More information on the rules of the call at the link

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