New ACCA board

New ACCA board
bonart barcelona - 23/03/22

During the extraordinary assembly of the ACCA (Catalan Association of Art Critics) held on March 17, the new board was appointed to guide the association for the next 3 years. The board will be chaired by the critic and collaborator of this medium Albert Mercader. The rest of the board will be made up of Caterina Almirall (member), Zaida Trallero (vice-president), Miquel Àngel Codes (secretary), Mariona Seguranyes (vice-president), Joan Vila i Boix (treasurer), Pau Minguet (member) and Felip González (vocal).

The new board will be officially presented on March 23 as part of the ACCA Awards Ceremony, in the Meier Auditorium of the MACBA

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