The ACCA 2022 Awards recognize Perejaume's artistic project "Save the outside"

The ACCA 2022 Awards recognize Perejaume's artistic project "Save the outside"
bonart barcelona - 24/03/22

The artists Perejaume and Daniel Gasol, the essayist Joana Masó, the curators David Bestué and Martina Millà and the ACVic and Addend centers, in La Morera de Montsant, are the winners of the awards given by the Catalan Association of Art Criticism ( ACCA), which were presented to the Macba Auditorium in its 38th edition of the 2021-22 ACCA Awards. Presented by journalist Montse Frisach, the 2021-22 ACCA Awards also served to present the new board chaired by Albert Mercadé.

Save outside , Perejaume's exhibition has received the award in the category of Artistic Project for "constituting a poetically, formally and technically complex work, in which we highlight the desire to relocate in different spaces, articulating and making necessary the col · collaboration between multiple municipalities and cultural entities ”, in the words of the evaluation committee appointed by the ACCA board, formed by Maria Garganté, Cloe Masotta, Jorge Luis Marzo, Albert Mercadé and Oriol Vilapuig.

In the field of Curation, David Bestué and Martina Millà have been recognized for the exhibition The Sense of Sculpture , presented at the Miró Foundation, “an unpublished and renovating essay on contemporary sculpture, with an open view of the path engaged in national and international sculpture since, in the mid-1960s, artists brought it down from the arched pedestal of modern sculpture; one of the most complete and unique exhibitions ever dedicated to Catalonia ”, says the jury.

The Research Prize went to Joana Masó for the book Tosquelles. Cure institutions (Arcadia), "an extraordinary kaleidoscope" by psychiatrist Francesc Tosquelles.

In the category of Art Criticism, the winner has been Art (in) useful. On how capitalism deactivates culture (Green Ray), by Daniel Gasol, to put on the table the mechanisms of institutional and media legitimation that influence the way artists validate or self-validate in the artistic ecosystem, and to glimpse possible modes and cracks of subversion to resist the institutional absorption of current artistic and political practices. ” In the Education section, the work of the ACVic contemporary arts center team was valued for the Art and School project, “to encourage and facilitate, for more than ten years, access to contemporary art. to children and young people of all ages and from different parts of the territory, as well as the empowerment of teachers when applying their own methodologies in the artistic field to education. ”

And the prize for Spaces and Initiatives has been awarded to Addend (Montserrat Cortadellas and Francesc Vidal) “for printing a critical and creative stamp of great relevance in our lands, and consolidating a network of independent production and projection. His numerous projects have constantly been examples of resistance to the cultural dismantling that the territory has suffered. ”

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