7th Edition of Drawing Room Madrid 2022

7th Edition of Drawing Room Madrid 2022
bonart madrid - 25/02/22

The seventh edition of the Drawing Room Fair in Madrid will be held at the central Palacio de las Alhajas in Madrid during the course of Art Week. The fair, which is led by Alejandro Martínez, aims to offer visitors a new and ambitious experience of enjoying and acquiring the drawings that are sold at all times.

Another of the aims of this fair is to defend the current drawing and specifically shows a special interest in the masters of Modernity. The role of the Master is thus given by a shared recognition in which the current art system is present - museum curators, art historians, art market agents - and the consensus of the public. .

The organization of the fair has invited the galleries to present those who consider their Masters alongside today's artists, highlighting the link between them, as proposed by the Ruiz Linares gallery in Granada; Martínez & Avezuela and Granada Gallery from Madrid. The Portuguese master Jorge Martins will be represented by two galleries: Peripheral Art and Exhibit. In addition, Drawing Room Madrid has the participation of galleries whose discourse enhances the value of drawing from the avant-garde and throughout the twentieth century. These additions include outstanding galleries in Barcelona, such as David Cervelló, Art Petrixol, Palau Antiguitats and the Galeria Cortina.

Regarding the incorporation of new galleries that participate in this edition are: Daniel Cuevas, of Madrid, Lage Egal of Berlin, The Why Not Gallery of Tiflis or Cabinet of Drawings of Valencia.
As for the "Drawing Room Talks" section, during the course of the fair, attendees will be able to enjoy talks and conferences with the artists of this edition. The "Talks" will be disseminated through the Instagram social network. Juana González, Fernando Martín Godoy, Jorge Julve, Santiago Talavera, Klaus Kilisch and Fulvio Gonella will take part in some of these “Talks”.

Visiting hours for the general public are from Thursday to Saturday from 12 noon to 9 pm. and Sunday, Feb. 27 from 12 to 6 p.m.


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