The Llívia Museum hosts 'Fronteres'. cutting line

'Borders. Línea de tall' is presented in different formats (video, installation, sculpture, photography), accompanied by activities that include people who have crossed mental borders and artistic expressions that go beyond the exhibition

The Llívia Museum hosts 'Fronteres'. cutting line
bonart - 17/06/24

The Museu de Llívia will host, in the coming months, the temporary exhibition Borders. cutting line This exhibition, which was produced by the Museu de l'Empordà and was exhibited in the Figueres slaughterhouse, in the years 2021 and 2022, has the direct participation of different Catalan artists of international stature: Félix Blume, Joan Fontcuberta, Núria Güell , Marco Noris, Marina Nuñez, Mireia Sallarès and Alba Sotorra. The exhibition has been adapted to be exhibited in Llívia, where it will occupy the museum lobby and part of the permanent exhibition space, between the ground floor and the lower floor. Curated by Fina Duran and Jordi Tolosa, Fronteres. Line of cut can be seen in Llívia until January 5, 2025.

"It makes perfect sense to have her, now, here in Llívia. It fits, perfectly, with the new thematic axis that we have projected with the Fita 0 space, dedicated to the border and enclave. It also complements the discourse of our exhibition, which is designed from the political, historical, territorial and landscape areas. The exhibition, through these artists, makes us reflect on the other borders, the ones that we impose on ourselves or society imposes on us", explains the director of the Museu de Llívia, Gerard Cunill.

The exhibition leaflet describes that the exhibition analyzes the non-sense of dividing lines, the pain of the walls that separate us, the relativity of our bodies that we often use as a border in front of the other, the landscapes of our limitations and also the borders that our environment imposes on us. Borders are lines that separate, divide, represent a cut, a distance between what they seek to limit. The true raison d'être, the clear strength of all borders lies in the power of those who draw them and in the acceptance of the limitations they impose.


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