'Dalí Challenge' arrives in Barcelona

The installation opens to the public this Thursday, June 13 at the Real Cercle Artístic with a 500m2 space dedicated to a selection of 65 iconic works by the artist

'Dalí Challenge' arrives in Barcelona
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After the successful opening in Madrid and the recent opening in Sao Paulo, Dalí Challenge, a creation of ArtDidaktik under license and with the support and supervision of the Gala Salvador Dalí Foundation, arrives in the Catalan capital promoted by the award-winning Barcelona production company SeedsXR, specialized in the use of technologies such as virtual reality, mixed reality or spatial computing. The project is part of a world circuit that will travel across the five continents to transport visitors from all over the world to the universe of surrealist genius.

The Dalí Challenge exhibition at the Real Cercle Artístic delves into a variety of formats that capture the visitor's attention and lead them to immerse themselves in Dalí's universe. Through canvases in light boxes, vinyl, screens, 3D glasses, augmented reality, virtual reality or micro mapping, visitors enjoy the experience guided by an audio-narrative in podcast format, which helps them embark on a personal and magical exploration of the artistic genius and life of Salvador Dalí and his interaction with the world of the 20th century. This fusion of technologies teleports the audience to the temporal and physical space in which Dalí lived.

Throughout an exhibition area of 500 m2, visitors can enjoy 65 digital replicas of Dalí's most emblematic works, the originals of which are in eleven museums and private collections around the world. These are presented in large format and high resolution, in order to generate an experience that, in some aspects, can enrich the original work.

The Dalí Challenge exhibition combines cutting-edge technology with the famous and intriguing paintings of the surrealist master. Through the different technological resources, visitors can see their paintings grouped thanks to a new printing technology. The reproductions of the paintings are large-scale, backlit enlargements that retain the original colors and textures, allowing the brushstrokes to be clearly observed.

The general director of the Dalí Foundation, Fèlix Roca, states: ''Our institution is satisfied with the Dalí Challenge project because it contributes to spreading Dalí's message to very diverse audiences; it is not only aimed at residents of Barcelona, but also at visitors from within and outside the country''. Roca invites Dalí Challenge visitors to travel to the Empordà "to discover the essence of the Dalinian Triangle, the settings in which the artist developed his humanistic and multifaceted personality". Likewise, he thanked the collaboration of the Real Cercle Artístic to host this exhibition and congratulated Artdidaktik and SeedsXR for contributing to the dissemination of culture through new languages.

This proposal not only pays tribute to the genius of surrealist art, but also takes the painter's museographic concept to new heights, marking a milestone in the possibilities offered by exhibitions in the 21st century. In the same way as the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres, the exhibition seeks to break with the idea of the passive spectator, actively involving visitors in a continuous dialogue with the artist's work and life.

The educational and informative aspect has been fundamental in the creation and production of the exhibition, and for this reason versions of the audio-narration are offered in Catalan, Spanish and English.

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