The Museum of Modern Art of the Diputació de Tarragona opens its doors during the Night of the Museums 2024

On Saturday 18 May the MAMT extends its visiting hours and offers new activities to celebrate Museum Night, this year dedicated to education and research

The Museum of Modern Art of the Diputació de Tarragona opens its doors during the Night of the Museums 2024
bonart tarragona - 14/05/24

The Museum of Modern Art of the Province of Tarragona (MAMT) is preparing to host, on Saturday 18 May, different activities on the occasion of the Night of the Museums, an evening that is part of the events of the International Day of Museums and which is dedicated to education and research.

From nine in the evening until midnight, an unusual time, the MAMT offers visitors a different experience. Those who enter the Museum will be able to enjoy the temporary exhibition Artist_s contemporan_s, a sample of female creators from the territory, also of the creative universe of the artist Baya through the exhibition L'ocell Canta, Baya pinta. .. Fatma Haddad-Baya and from the exhibition Tàpies-Royo 1969-1973, a tapestry from the Rodríguez Veyrat collection, with the collaboration of Carles Guerra.

At eleven o'clock at night, the dance show of the company 'Evohé: Enclaves libres. An intimate look at love and freedom', will turn the MAMT into a scenic space to enjoy a delicate, fresh, poetic and live show where the dance, the audiovisual, the text and the atmosphere created through the music.

The night of the Museums, which is organized collaboratively between the different museums of the city of Tarragona, will allow one more year to carry out the ' Journey to the museum constellation' , a guided itinerary through the different museums and cultural centers of the city of Tarragona. The route is structured on the basis of a universal concept that acts as a link between the different institutions. Each center chooses a piece that helps explain the chosen concept and gives a particular and different vision of it from the others.

To participate in the activity, it is essential to register in advance, which can be done online on the Tarragona National Archaeological Museum website

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