Terres de l'Ebre Festivals is born

First identity and quality seal, which brings together 16 professional festivals in the territory, with the aim of analyzing the socio-economic impact of culture in non-metropolitan environments

Terres de l'Ebre Festivals is born
bonart tarragona - 14/05/24

Col·lectiu Cultura, a Cultural Industries company based in Terres de l'Ebre that works to make the cultural professional fabric visible in non-metropolitan territories, creates the Festivals de Terres de l'Ebre brand, the first private initiative that unites a territory through culture.

Festivals Terres de l'Ebre currently has 16 affiliated festivals: A Cel Obert, Artèria Tortosa, Deltebre Dansa, EbreLumen, Eufonic. Sound, visual and digital-performative arts, FRONT. Conflict and Peace International Film Festival, Tortosa Jazz Festival, In-FCTA, Music Days of the Hermitage of Piety, Tyrika Nights, Music in Terres de Cruïlla, Proto-FEST, Rihihiu, Terres Travel Festival, Som(Laugh) and TOCA'ME.

The Festivals Terres de l'Ebre brand, conceived as a collaborative platform, identifies, shows and acts as a spokesperson for all the affiliated festivals with the aim of undertaking joint actions that allow to amplify the visibility and viability of cultural projects in rural areas, as well as making resources profitable , and generating new audiences .

The mission of the Festival Terres de l'Ebre label is to identify the impact and socio-economic contribution of festivals in rural territories , with the intention of demonstrating the qualitative and quantitative value of culture and being able to jointly request initiatives that have an impact on society and the territory and: improve accessibility to culture, attract new audiences, generate employment, pool services in favor of a territorial and non-local culture, and carry out sustainability actions to have a positive impact on the territory, among other demands.

Terres de l'Ebre Festivals is born

Among the alliances, the collaboration with the Tourism Board of the Provincial Council of Tarragona , an organization that coordinates and supports the tourism promotion of the territory, and Ebre Reserva de la Biosphere, institutions aligned with the sustainable development objectives of the 'agenda 2030 approved by the UN; the Eurecat technology center, which promotes innovation with companies and institutions, and through its culture and tourism team works to have tools for evaluating the impact of festivals on the territory; Gabeiras y Asociados , law firm that works to contribute to social development, fair and aligned with the sustainable development objectives of the festivals, or the Tresc Culture Community , for the promotion and dissemination through its digital platform to make reach the cultural proposal throughout the Catalan territory.

With the aim of establishing professional links with the young talent of the territory, Festivals Terres de l'Ebre collaborates with the Higher Degree Training Course in Realization of Audiovisual Projects and Shows and the Training Course in Marketing and Advertising , taught in the Institut de l'Ebre (Tortosa), offering professional experience in the field of communication and marketing.

Festivals Terres de l'Ebre annually launches a new website which includes information on the 16 affiliated festivals , an annual agenda , interactive maps with the location of the festivals, as well as information on the strategic alliances that define the values and culture of The mark.


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