Prats Nogueras Blanchard begins its journey and opens 'Paratopies' by Antoni Muntadas

The works explore themes of identity and belonging. They reflect on the meaning of spaces. They wonder what we can call home and how we occupy public space.

Prats Nogueras Blanchard begins its journey and opens 'Paratopies' by Antoni Muntadas
bonart barcelona - 01/03/24

At the beginning of this year, four gallerists with an important career – Alex Nogueras, Rebeca Blanchard and the sisters Marta and Patricia de Muga – joined their efforts to initiate the merger of their galleries. An unusual decision in the Spanish art market. The new Prats Nogueras Blanchard gallery will operate from Barcelona and Madrid.

In its more than 600 meters of joint exhibition, they will schedule between 10 and 12 exhibitions a year and will represent around thirty artists. Prats Nogueras Blanchard opens its doors in Barcelona on April 6 with Paratopies, a solo exhibition with almost 20 works by Antoni Muntadas (Barcelona, 1942) that will be seen in the two spaces where the gallery will operate in the city.

The works in the Paratopies exhibition are gathered around this concept defined by the linguist Dominique Maingueneau and used by Muntadas. The professor emeritus of the Sorbonne writes: "Art is an activity that can be practiced at the cost of paratopia, of an impossible belonging to a place, a community, an era or a language. To find your place in the paratopical space of Art, you must give up fully occupying any place. This impossibility of belonging is not something that is imposed on artists: it develops through creation. They must build, in the same movement, the works and the paratopia that makes them possible. From there, they have no other way out than to devote themselves to an endless work in a life without a place.”

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