Tenth call for the Torres García Painting Prize - City of Mataró 2024

The deadline for submitting proposals is February 9, 2024

Tenth call for the Torres García Painting Prize - City of Mataró 2024
bonart mataró - 11/11/23

The Associació Sant Lluc per l'Art Mataró and the Iluro Foundation present the tenth call for the Torres García - City of Mataró 2024 Painting Prize. The aim of this prize is the promotion of artistic activities in our city, expanding our field of action, as well as the dissemination of the name of the city of Mataró throughout the State.

The Biennial Painting Award, state-wide and known as the Torres García - Ciutat de Mataró Award, is endowed with important economic recognition. In addition, it also has a Jury of great professional prestige.

The Jury for this edition will be made up of: Juan Manuel Bonet, former director of the IVAM, the Museu Nacional Centro d'Art Reina Sofía and the Cervantes Institute. Poet, art critic and exhibition curator; Emmanuel Guigon, director of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, art critic and exhibition curator; Julio Vaquero, painter, draftsman and sculptor. Artistic advisor of the Sorigué Foundation. Screenwriter of the TVE program "The invisible half". He has held numerous national and international exhibitions; Eva Vàzquez, graduate in Art History, cultural journalist at the newspaper El Punt Avui; M. Isabel Llaquet, president of the Associació Sant Lluc per l'Art Mataró and vice-president of the Iluro Foundation, or a person whom she delegates, who will act as Secretary of the Jury.

Tenth call for the Torres García Painting Prize - City of Mataró 2024

As a novelty, this year the organization of the prize falls not only to the Sant Lluc Association for Art, but also to the Iluro Foundation, based in the city of Mataró. The Iluro Foundation is a special private foundation that has more than ten years of history and aims to preserve, disseminate and enhance its cultural and artistic heritage.

The name of Torres García is given to this prize because it is attributed to the painter of international symbol, recognized and valued for the innovative character of his painting, from the early noucentism to constructivism and his participation in the first avant-gardes.

His association with Mataró, his studies at the Municipal School of Arts and Crafts and the impact that Maresme had on the young Uruguayan, permeated in a certain way his entire subsequent artistic career.

As the logo of the award, a small drawing by him was chosen, in pen, which illustrates the book "History of my life" where the train and the Mataró station are represented, both symbols of this city, where the first railway of the peninsula arrived. In addition, this year this drawing takes on a special relevance on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the arrival of this arrival

The arrival of the train in the city of Mataró is not the only reason for celebration this year, given that, in 2024, we will also celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of the artist who is the protagonist of this award.

Torres García Award - Ciutat de Mataró 2024 has the support and endorsement of the City Council of the city of Mataró and the Torres García Foundation of Montevideo, Uruguay.

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