Andrea Federici and Joan Crous dialogue with Giorgio Morandi

Andrea Federici and Joan Crous dialogue with Giorgio Morandi
bonart milan - 14/11/23

The Maurizio Nobile Fine Art gallery opens the autumn season with the exhibition Morandi and contemporaneity, which can be visited until December 20.

The exhibition investigates the link between Giorgio Morandi and contemporaneity, addressed several times over time and which testifies to the continuous - and never dormant - relevance of the poetics of the great Bolognese master.

"Nothing is more abstract than reality," says Morandi, testifying to its intimate connection with the everyday life of existence. His poetry is imbued with silence and mystery and reveals a deep relationship with everyday life and an intimate relationship with the objects around him.

Morandi, despite the apparent repetitiveness of the figurative discourse, devoted himself throughout his life to the theme of the redemption of matter. He reached the peak of his spirituality as a poet of matter, managing to give voice even to "dust". It is not physical dust, but the soul: a substance intrinsic to color and pictorial matter, which acts as a repository of the artist's thoughts, matured over a long period of reflection. For a distance from the present and the same objects that were in front of him every day. And it is precisely here that Morandi's modernity lies, an artist who is halfway between figurative and material painting.

Andrea Federici and Joan Crous dialogue with Giorgio Morandi

Contemporary dialogues: Andrea Federici and Joan Crous

The exhibition not only celebrates Morandi's work, but connects the work with that of two contemporary artists, Andrea Federici and Joan Crous, each with a unique and profound approach to art and everyday reality.

Andrea Federici draws inspiration from Morandi's beloved themes and interprets them with meticulous attention to detail. His works cross the boundaries of traditional realism, immersing the viewer in a dimension where reality appears under a light that challenges credibility and real dimension.

Joan Crous , glass sculptor, shares with Morandi a life in the Bolognese Apennines and a deep interest in the shapes and colors of everyday life. His works capture and immortalize objects over time, while conveying their fragility. Through a process of fossilization, Crous transforms what happened in the past, inviting observers on a journey through the fragile traces worn by time.


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