Listen to the new INCLASSIFIABLES podcast with Stella Rahola Matutes

Conversem amb la inclassificable Stella Rahola Matutes, creadora d’entorns i trobades situacionals en l’espai

Listen to the new INCLASSIFIABLES podcast with Stella Rahola Matutes
bonart barcelona - 13/11/23

The latest INCLASSIFIABLES podcast featured the unclassifiable creator Stella Rahola Matutes. Stella Rahola Matutes' works embody the matter and meaning of material cultures based on small-scale collaboration, as well as our primal ability to produce knowledge with our hands. Rahola Matutes imagines a surprising, suspended environment that is objectively inert and manufactured, but in which the parties also seem to form organic associations and interact on their own.

David Escamilla and Ricard Planas also spoke with Natàlia Chocarro, adviser and project director of the Fundació Vila Casas, the center that hosted this conversation where we delve into the meaning of art as an engine of knowledge.

The next UNCLASSIFIABLES podcast will be on November 26 . The recreation of emotional and dreamlike universes between video art and artificial intelligence: Franc Aleu . We will talk to the unclassifiable Franc Aleu, a creator of personal and untransferable visual atmospheres that offer us new perceptions of reality. With Judit Carrera (Director of the CCCB) we learn about the new projects and challenges of this cultural center of reference, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2024.

The UNCLASSIFIABLES podcast shares, with the most heterodox and free-spirited creators, their successes and challenges. INCLASSIFIABLES is aimed at all audiences, with the firm desire to bring the most relevant creators and their artistic instincts closer to the citizens of our country, in an intergenerational way.

Link to the UNCLASSIFIABLES program

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