Revista Bonart #198: From the muted history of women to Enric Pladevall and Temporada Alta

Revista Bonart #198: From the muted history of women to Enric Pladevall and Temporada Alta
bonart barcelona - 20/09/23

Issue 198 of bonart magazine – corresponding to the months of September 2023 to February 2024 – is now on sale and includes an important novelty in this issue. From September, bonart magazine can be read in Spanish, English and French using the QR codes you will find on each page.

For this start of the season, bonart magazine wanted to dedicate its central monograph to the important work of women in the world of art so often invisible. Under the title The muted story. Feminine art to make the silences speak , the feminine, plural, transversal and diverse universe is treated and vindicated through a careful selection of texts by Pilar Parcerisas, Mónica Marañón, Marga Viza i Voltas, Saray Espinosa, Blanca de la Torre and a special space dedicated to the Visionary Women Art project by Pilar Bonet . And more women, Carles Guerra writes about Marria Pratts and Maria Muñoz about Eva Fàbregas and her Devouring Lovers. Núria Poch , for her part, commemorates in her text the first centenary of the birth of Maria Girona .

Bonart magazine also dedicates special coverage in this issue to Tarragona and its outstanding position in the artistic and cultural revitalization of the country with texts by Eudald Camps and Carles Toribio . And not only Tarragona, Lleida and the Vinya dels artistes , in a text written by Ricard Planas , he claims not only the territory but art and wine throughout the history of mankind. We also claim the 1st Biennial Ezequiel Torroella and its winner Albert Gironès , in an article by Natàlia Chocarro Bosom claims that the time has come to support emerging art. The magazine bonart could not pass without dedicating a very special space in this issue to the centenary of Antoni Tàpies with the report Tàpies in the XXI , by Aina Mercader . This is just part of the contents of this issue which also has the usual sections of Opinió – Xavier Barral, Albert Mercadé, Amanda Cuesta, David G. Torres, Joan Maria Minguet Batllori, Roger Subirà ...– Mercat de l'art and the critical articles of the exhibitions held in Catalonia.

The cover of the Bonart is the work of ORLAN , an artist who makes his own body the medium, the raw material and the visual support of his work, in which it takes place as a "public debate". He is an important figure in body art and "carnal art" , as he defined it in his 1989 manifesto. His commitment and freedom are an integral part of his work. ORLAN defends innovative, questioning and subversive positions in all his work. It opposes natural, social and political determinism and all forms of domination, male supremacy, religion, cultural segregation and racism, etc.

Revista Bonart #198: From the muted history of women to Enric Pladevall and Temporada Alta

On the other hand, the monograph in this issue of Malart , where we continue to combine art and words , is dedicated to Enric Pladevall and his Crypt, and we have chosen it for two reasons: on the one hand, to give deserved recognition to the sculptor Enric Pladevall from Vigata, Girona, who since 2004 has created a first-class sculpture park in Catalonia, specifically in the municipality of Ventalló, in Alt Empordà. The second reason is to join the activities organized every autumn by the Temporada Alta festival - referring to the south of Europe and directed by Salvador Sunyer - who this year has selected the artist to design his poster.

The International section reinforces its contents with the Royal Collections in charge of José Ángel Montañés and the exhibition Art for the Millions: American Culture and Politics in the 1930s under the gaze of Rosa Gutiérrez Herranz . In addition to many more exhibitions at the national level such as KBr Flama 2023 or William Eggleston at the KBr Fundación Mapfre , Antonio López at the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation , Eduard Bigas at the Josep Pla Foundation, Picasso at the Palau Foundation , Sade at the CCCB , Alba Mayol at the Tecla Sala Art Center or Fina Miralles at the Vila Casas Foundation. Espai Volart , among many other exhibitions.

The Malart cover is by Enric Pladeval , author of the Temporada Alta poster for this 2023 , following the festival's line of collaborating with renowned plastic artists to design the poster. He has exhibited his works in Barcelona, especially at the Joan Miró Foundation and the Maeght Gallery. He has exhibited in Italy, France, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, the USA and Japan. It has public works in Korea, Barcelona, Vic, Manresa and Girona. One of his outstanding public sculptures is Androgyne Planet, in the Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta (USA), and the Tree of Life in the Cosmocaixa (Science Museum of Barcelona). His vital project (www.lolivar.cat) is committed to multiple creative disciplines through active dialogue with the landscape.

The typography used for the header of this issue is Coribb Regular by Clàudia Oliveras i Ribas within the project with the Escola d'Olot coordinated by Gemma Reixach.


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