Francesc Fàbregas at Palau Martorell

Francesc Fàbregas at Palau Martorell
bonart barcelona - 15/09/23

The prestigious music photographer Francesc Fàbregas (Sant Just Desvern, 1950) is exhibiting at the Palau Martorell in Barcelona, from July 6 to September 24, a set of works under the title En directe. The exhibition includes a selection of more than 400 snapshots taken at concerts, from the seventies to the present day, of great international figures: Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner or Bob Marley, as well as national ones: Raimon, Serrat or El último of the row

The originality of the En directe photographs lies in the fact that they are not poses but images captured live by Fàbregas' agile gaze, which have a great documentary value within the genre of musical photojournalism .

The tour of the exhibition, located on the -1 floor of the Palau Martorell, begins already on the stairs with a display of photos that invite the viewer to delve into what will be a journey through some of the most emblematic concerts of our country

In the first room there is a selection of 40 black and white portraits belonging to great figures such as Bob Marley, Raimon, Freddy Mercury, Camarón de la Isla. . . in which one can admire the mastery of Fàbregas when it comes to capturing the character in its different dimensions.

In the words of his friend and photographer Manuel Outumuro: "in his shots, Fàbregas does not seek to capture the photographic impact produced by the spectacular light effects of a concert. Nor the shocking scene that usually surrounds the protagonists. Much less, the photogeny of a devoted public in a celebratory trance. Fàbregas strips the character of the paraphernalia typical of the concert and looks for the essential in him: the body, the soul, the expression, the look, and above all the voice."

Francesc Fàbregas at Palau Martorell

On the other hand, you can also visit a large mosaic made up of 260 photos, which show, randomly, different singers and musicians belonging to various musical genres such as folk, jazz, pop, rock or flamenco. Live also offers a section dedicated to the first times that artists such as the Rolling Stones, Bob Marley or Bruce Springsteen played in Barcelona or David Bowie in Paris, whose performances were immortalized by Fàbregas.
In the exhibition you will be able to see several unpublished photographs and, in particular, one of them taken by Fàbregas to Mike Jagger in the legendary concert that their Satanic Majesties offered in 1982 at the Vicente Calderón stadium and which was whipped by a big storm The exhibition is completed with the projection of Sputnik, from Televisió de Catalunya.

A tribute to the legendary music program that was on the air for more than twenty years and that was a true school of talents in all areas in the audiovisual world. As for the professional career of the photographer, Fàbregas began in the seventies. Until the end of the nineties, his main activity took place in the musical field as the official photographer of Vibraciones magazine and, later, editor and photographer of Rock Espezial and Rock de Lux magazines.

From the beginning of the eighties until 2010, Francesc Fàbregas' professional career was linked to Televisió de Catalunya (TV3), where he held various responsibilities: among others, director and executive producer of cultural, musical and special programs; in addition to being responsible for the programming of Canal 33. During this time he created and directed the musical program Sputnik, for which he received the Ciutat de Barcelona Award in 1991; and promotes cult spaces such as Jazz & Co, Hidrógen, Autografes, Rodasons, Karakia, 3r 3a, Silenci?, Loops!, Territories, K33, Colors in series and Opera a Texans. As for his work, it has been exhibited in numerous institutions and initiatives such as the Barradas room in l'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), Fotopsia Festival in Castellbisbal (Barcelona), the Vinçon room in Barcelona, the Getxophoto Festival ( Basque Country), Persona que te aníma Project (Miami), Rawson Festival (Patagonia - Argentina), Catalan History Museum (Barcelona), Arts Santa Mònica (Barcelona), Kosice Festival 2013 (Slovakia).


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