The 9th edition of Barcelona Gallery Weekend begins

The 9th edition of Barcelona Gallery Weekend begins
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Barcelona Gallery Weekend inaugurates the artistic season in the galleries, celebrates the 9th edition from September 14 to 17 .

Organized by the Art Barcelona gallery association, Barcelona Gallery Weekend is a cultural event that highlights the work of art galleries as spaces that generate culture and knowledge, places of experimentation and discovery that allow connection and meeting between artists, collectors, public and institutions. All the exhibitions, which are free and open to the public, open simultaneously on September 14: from 12:00 p.m., for the professional public, and from 6:00 p.m. for the general public. In addition, the galleries will be open on September 15 and 16 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and on September 17 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The 9th edition of Barcelona Gallery Weekend will have the participation of 27 contemporary and modern art galleries: 21 in Barcelona, 5 in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat and 1 in Santa Margarida i les Monjos (Penedès). In Barcelona, and by area: House Of Chappaz , in Gràcia; 3 Punts Gallery , ADN Gallery , Artur Ramon Art , Joan Prats Gallery , Marc Domènech Gallery , Marlborough Barcelona Gallery , Uxval Gochez Gallery, Zielinsky , Mayoral , ProjecteSD , RocioSantaCruz , Suburbia Contemporary and Victor Lope Arte Contemporáneo , in the Eixample; Bombon Projects , Dilalica , LAB36 and Taché Art Gallery , which is opening a new location, located on Carrer Trafalgar; Àngels Barcelona and Sala Parés , in Ciutat Vella, and Chiquita Room in Sant Antoni. In L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Ana Mas Projects , ethall , Galería Alegría , L21 Barcelona and NoguerasBlanchard are part of the program, and in Santa Margarida and les Monjos, in the Penedès region, Palmadotze .

The 9th edition of Barcelona Gallery Weekend begins

National artists

Barcelona Gallery Weekend will show the work of great national artists: Ana Mas Projects will present a retrospective of Berta Cáccamo , curated by Juan de Nieves, which recovers the memory of the Spanish abstract and conceptual painter through representative paintings and papers of its various aesthetic configurations throughout its artistic career. The artist Patricia Dauder will have a solo exhibition at ProjecteSD , Interiors, a show where the artist tries to capture the passage of time, fleeting moments, ephemeral trajectories and spaces in transformation in formats such as sculpture and works on paper. In addition, Patricia Dauder also takes part in Berta Cáccamo's retrospective. Joan Fontcuberta will present at Ángels Barcelona Jardins de Pols, an exhibition that highlights the unfulfilled promise of the immortality of photography, through the exhumation of photographs from various historical archives, and of portraying them with an electronic microscope to to show the microorganisms that are eating the memory. Galeria Alegria will host the joint site-specific exhibition of Alberto Peral García and Luis Bisbe de la Fuente, two ways of doing and looking, two practices and two close and distant conceptions that meet, hybridize and cross in Del that one says / what is like this / only double, addressing the exhibition space as an active and integral part of the exhibition. Ignasi Aballí will exhibit at Palmadotze Llegir images, a reflection on the relationship between images and texts, between what we see and what we call, one of the transversal themes in his work. Aballí, who represented Spain at the last edition of the Venice Biennale, selects images found in newspapers – all of them have as their theme the photographic, pictorial, scientific image –, scans them and finds the average color of the image. This color – or pixel – expands over the entire surface of the canvas. The painter Dis Berlin returns to Barcelona after more than a decade to present Laberinto de soledades at Sala Parés , a selection of paintings from the artist's latest production, as well as a sculpture installation, a show that revolves around the idea of the search for new mysteries that take various forms setting up true pictorial enigmas built for contemplation. Oriol Vilapuig will exhibit his latest works at RocioSantCruz at Teoria dels cossos, an exhibition in which the artist places the body at the center, not to categorize and fix it, but to generate a movement of digression, an attempt to think ways from where to build it. The artist and curator Fito Conesa proposes Vocativo, a video installation composed of three projections and a score, in which a musician interprets the musical composition in three different moments, a time interval that makes the interpretation of the same score on each of the screens becomes a personal and non-transferable decision, in House of Chappaz . The ethall gallery will exhibit La caza del zorro, by the Argentine visual artist based in Barcelona Martín Vitaliti , an installation that takes the short film The Hunt Fox, from the Silly Symphony series produced by Walt Disney in 1931, and proposes a reflection on the mechanisms used in the industrial processes of the animation cinema of the time to create the illusion of movement. At Bombon Projects , Enric Farrés Duran presents Not yet, an exhibition resulting from a state of constant contradiction, a tension between different decisions that is used by the artist to embrace indecision and make it a space to work on and rethink the way of looking

The 9th edition of Barcelona Gallery Weekend begins

Abstract, illusionistic and fantastic painting Pictorial curatorship I: Esther Guillén, her contemporaries and the Vallecas School, at the Joan Prats Gallery , claims the abstract artistic practices that interest the artist: a pictorial approach to the Vallecas School (1920-1939) and the ceramics of Esther Guillén (Lleida, 1943), generating a genealogy of practices through formally connected works and elements. The artist Antonio Ortega will exhibit at the Galería Uxval Gochez Reginald & Perrin. Antonio Ortega's last paintings, a series of canvases starring a couple of stones located in uncertain landscapes, illusionistic paintings that lead to indifference and the absence of opinion. There is a light that never goes out, from Cesc Abad to Víctor Lope Arte Contemporáneo , represents a pictorial evolution of his previous works through a new series of more refined forms and where the human presence is now the protagonist, leaving the nature in the background; in From follows painting, the artist and designer Jaime Hayon immerses us in his fantastic universe at L21 Barcelona , with extravagant characters and leafy nature in his recently created paintings and sculptures; Mar Hernández intervenes photographs through drawing at Universale, an exhibition that focuses on the emotional impact of the destruction of the home, focusing on the brick and the personal footprint that is generated in this space, at Suburbia Contemporary . Espart, talc and glass, the art of materials Saló salvat, by Yolanda Tabanera , shows Artur Ramon Art sculptural pieces with materials traditionally linked to craftsmanship, such as glass and esparto, used in a sculptural way and loading the objects with universal iconological content; Chiquita Room will exhibit Children and Fools by Teresa Estapé , which questions the productivity demands of being through a set of jewels inherited from the symbolic charge of primitive jewelry and produced in talc, the softest mineral on the Mohs scale . The Library, in Dilalica , is an installation of more than 2,000 pieces of glass placed on the floor following a morphological and measurement order. The exhibition, the work of Stella Rahola Matutes , condenses the inventory of the materials that the artist uses: discarded pieces of blown borosilicate glass from artisan workshops, to make a carpet from a vulnerable, discarded and incomplete material . The Catalan painter and sculptor Jordi Alcaraz will present Gnòmon in Mayoral , an exhibition that revolves around the mechanism of a sundial, an exhibition that breaks the boundaries of painting and sculpture, and uses materials such as methacrylate, mirrors, the ink or the iron. In addition, the artist and gallerist Jordi Mayoral will present the homonymous book where the creative process and the artist's work will be discussed.

Collective exhibitions

For Beyond Tags, 3 Punts Galeria has asked twelve artists to give their vision to the human need to catalog according to gender, class, political preferences or sexual tendencies, among others, in order to control- it The exhibition will feature works by Alejandro Monge, Gerard Mas, Jan Schuler, Kiko Minyares, Lantomo, Lara Padilla (Ms. D), María Carbonell, Paola de Grenet, Penrider, Pol Ballonga, Ramon, Surinyac, Samuel Salcedo, Sandra Rojo and Santiago Picatoste . In tribute to Galería Carles Taché's almost 40-year history, the new space Taché Art Gallery will present Memoria I, a collective exhibition with a selection of artists personally and professionally linked to the gallery throughout its career. The exhibition will feature works by Joan Brossa, Miguel Ángel Campano, Tony Cragg, Michael Joo, Catherine Lee, Bosco Sodi and Antoni Tàpies . Carles Taché, founder of the Carles Taché Gallery, will offer a guided tour highlighting the legacy, history and memory of the old gallery, but in a new space and with a generational change. Fields of Silence, at the Marc Domènech Gallery, highlights the importance that monochrome painting has had especially from the second half of the 20th century. The exhibition, which will only be available from September 14 to 22, offers a non-chronological tour through a selection of paintings made by artists from the fifties, who approach this type of painting from an expressive and reflective perspective, not as purist as that of some of its foreign counterparts. The exhibition will feature works by Sergi Aguilar, Pic Adrian, Erwin Bechtold, Alfons Borrell, Joan Claret, Xavier Escribà, Joan Hernández Pijuan, Georges Noël, Ana Peters, Enric Planasdurà, Miquel Rué, José Maria Sicilia, Teo Soriano, Antoni Tàpies, Vicenç Viaplana and Setxu Xirau Roig . Ancestral cultures and radical approach, the highlights of the international scene

The vindictive art comes to Zielinsky from the Guatemalan Sandra Monterroso , whose artistic practice restores the Mayan cultural and ancestral heritage. His works address in a political and social way the cultural, economic and territorial deprivation to which the original peoples are subjected as a result of extractive activities. Galería Marlborough will present Anna Bella Geiger and Pedro Geiger. Affective cartography, an exhibition in which Anna Bella Geiger , one of the most important Brazilian artists belonging to the first generation of conceptual artists in her country, reveals her relationship with the geographer Pedro Pinchas Geiger through a human geography, affective and critical. A journey that explores political, geographical and identity issues. The Venezuelan artist Oscar Abraham Pabón , who uses the objects that surround us as a way of accessing other fields of knowledge, will exhibit at LAB 36 Matèria Sincera, work that addresses the constructive materiality of the city as an aesthetic and conceptual problem in the contemporary city. Taking the clay brick as a poor and sincere material, and as a common thread where the problems of art and architecture meet, the artist develops a body of work that establishes relationships with art, the city and memory NoguerasBlanchard will present the exhibition Emoji Peace dove Emoji red heart Emoji Blue butterfly, by the artist Anne-Lise Coste , known for her radical approach, in which the creative potential of her art is articulated in the spontaneous gesture and in what it says, it is written and painted directly. The French artists of North African origin, Bouchra Khalili and Abdelkader Benchamma , present at ADN Galeria Fanning the spark of hope in the past. Structures et éclats, a retrospective look at the artists' work.

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