'Poets and passions' by Joan Tibau

'Poets and passions' by Joan Tibau
bonart girona - 15/09/23

From the 6th to the 28th of September, the new temporary exhibition of ink drawings by Joan Tibau i Font organized by the Association of Friends of the Girona Art Museum will be presented in the Exhibition Hall of the Chamber of Urban Property in Girona The opening ceremony of the exhibition was carried out by Manel Bayo (EMA) and the artist himself was present and offered a guided tour to the attendees. Joan Tibau, who held her first exhibition at the Expocambra twenty years ago, this time presents a series of drawings with black ink on paper that want to be a graphic revelation of the visions suggested by the poetic texts of some contemporary writers.

Tibau's personal proposal has the main objective of describing the sensations generated by the poems of various poets such as Nelly Sachs, Akiko Yosano, Marcela Delpastre, Aida Merini and his own wife, Rosa Font, through a reinterpretation of reading his books. It must be said that the creation of the drawings is born from the reading of each poet's selected poems to gradually generate a graphic scenario in which to integrate them. In some cases, the result is the superimposition in a single drawing of the visions of different poems linked to each other; among others, a single poem makes possible two or three illustrations that have an aesthetic and conceptual continuity. According to Tibau, the creative/interpretive process begins with a series of small, schematic sketches (almost automatic) that are generated from words, verses or entire poems and that are drawn over the text of the book.

Gradually, these sketches become graphic schemes that merge (conceptually and formally) until acquiring a structure with a decontextualized organic appearance and with its own aesthetic sense, which awaits a new interpretation. It is also worth noting the series of drawings taken from the book of his wife, Rosa Font, entitled Esquerda, which are numbered and that everyone who visits the exhibition can choose one and take it away for free on the last day of the exhibition (September 28). Visiting hours for this exhibition are from Tuesday to Friday from 17:00 to 19:00 in the evening.

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