New generation of artists: lead and sugar

Cesc Abad. Que bé que hagis vingut, 2022. Oli sobre tela 200x160 cm.
New generation of artists: lead and sugar

We see an artistic phenomenon that could lead to the birth of a new generation of artists who are difficult to label, but with many points in common.

With a kind of sweetened aggression, we begin to see an artistic phenomenon that could lead to the birth of a new generation of artists who are difficult to label but with many points in common. The geographical boundaries between these artists are dissolved thanks to new technologies, and their background and influences include graphic design, illustration, comics, street art and film. Their messages are poignant enough to impress the viewer, as they aim to criticize, ironize and reflect on our society by analyzing human emotions, making sarcasm on sociological phenomena, criticizing the incursion of technologies into our lives or, even all, portraying everyday moments with a touch of humor. Oil, acrylic, spray and ceramics are present in his works, worked in an interdisciplinary manner. The list of artists that can be part of this generation is endless, but there are a few that are very much worth mentioning.

Plastic combinations

With primary colored backgrounds, sometimes decorated with geometric shapes, we can enter the world of Anna Barriga . A world of childhood reminiscences, but at the same time eclectic, where the oriental imagination plays an important role, with female figures made up in the purest Japanese style, the mixture of techniques and the narration of situations that can be everyday and at the same time absurd. If we want to extrapolate Greek mythology to our days, there is no better reference than Miquel Sheroff . With exaggerated impastos and saturated colors, Sheroff's work transports us to a mythological world to explain our world or, to narrow it down even further, to explain how this generation of artists feels, dancing between disenchantment, irreverence and emotional imbalance. His works narrate passionate stories with a mythological background passed through the sieve of current iconography. Fátima de Juan , Mallorcan artist trained in illustration and graphic design, shows the image of an empowered woman, far from the prototype of Cartesian beauty, without complexes, with huge eyes and very vivid colors that represent the importance of femininity and the relationship it establishes with nature. His aesthetic could be linked to that of Jordi Ribes, who makes a painting reminiscent of Henri Rousseau and which shows us human figures without a face but with personality, which is expressed by the attributes he gives them. Attributes that can be anything from a boat to a bunch of colorful balloons. He always uses the same backgrounds, with a kind of seaweed and logs, referring to this relationship between man and nature.

Works where the depth of nature stands out

Man and nature The relationship they maintain and the result of this connection is one of the aspects that Cesc Abad knows how to explain very well in his works, which highlight the depth of nature and its sublimity. The thick, expressionistic, direct and, on many occasions, spontaneous brushstrokes reflect a work that seems drawn from the bowels of the artist. In his eternal search for nature's secrets, Cesc Abad goes deep into the forests of the Catalan Pyrenees to find its essence. Flowers, tree branches, insects and the most insignificant grass come to life and importance in the canvases, leaving touches of light strategically in order to gain the viewer's attention. To all this background, Cesc Abad adds the result of the relationship between man and nature with large figures of animals or human figures that add a narrative note to the work as if he were a chronicler of stories . Everything is shown in a kind of communion between the parts in which figuration becomes relevant.

Polished and sweet bullets

Again the close relationship between man and nature appears, as if it were a refrain. Again the need to express the artist's feeling towards nature appears. Again the human figure emerges as the epicenter of the stories narrated in his works. Again, different messages are shot at the viewer with sugar-filled lead bullets. The lead, for the strength of the message given, and the sugar, for the wrapping that narrates the stories. Stories told in pleasant, clean colors, with refined techniques that completely depart from previous styles, such as post-war art, in which the materials used and the colors recalled pain, suffering, resistance and, in many occasions, isolation. With the generation of lead and sugar, with this new generation of artists trained in different disciplines, the need to establish a sincere relationship with our world is sweetened. They criticize, but from humor; they reflect on our society, but from everyday life; they express emotions, but from their own experience. Without complexes, without pressure, combining different plastic disciplines. Direct and punchy as a bullet but sweet as sugar. It's time to give way to the new generation of artists, a generation of lead and sugar and let us be riddled with polished, shiny, direct and sweet bullets, especially sweet.

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