Alexandra Francés exhibits in the Sala Galatea of the Hotel Alàbriga Home & Suites

Alexandra Francés exhibits in the Sala Galatea of the Hotel Alàbriga Home & Suites
bonart s agaró - 19/07/23

Last July 11 at 7:30 p.m. the inauguration of the new temporary exhibition of the French painter Alexandra Francés (Maraussan, France, 1977) was held in the Galatea Room of the prestigious Hotel Alàbriga Home & Suites in S Agaró

The event, which was inaugurated by the director of the hotel Svetlana Scherer and the French painter, was witnessed by various French, Russian, Catalan and Spanish visitors and collectors, as well as the mayor of Platja d'Aro, Maurici Jiménez i Ruiz and the new councilor for culture in his council.

During the course of the event, refreshments were served to the visitors and then a guided tour was given by the artist herself. For its part, the company Roche Bobois from Girona was in charge of lending a series of sofas to the hotel, which gave a point of elegance and distinction to the exhibition. The icing on the cake was the music played by a DJ, who was hired specifically for this occasion.

Regarding the latest work of Alexandra Francés we can realize that her works as the basis of her artistic creations is based on her realistic roots. We can also observe how his dynamic brushstrokes divert his portraits from their characteristic realism with a very peculiar and original style.

Francés' portraits stand out for their vivid colors, which give the pictures a lot of movement and we can also see how the artist knows how to masterfully play with the theme of light.

It should be noted that in this exhibition there are two portraits in tribute to Salvador Dalí as well as to people and pets from the environment of the French painter.

Alexandra Francés currently lives and works in Béziers, which belongs to the department of Hérault, in the Occitanie region.
The exhibition can be visited throughout this month in the Sala Galatea of the Hotel Alàbriga Home & Suites in Sagaró, which enjoys a space of 300 m² and is fully equipped with high-tech audiovisual systems.

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