The Joan Miró Foundation appeals to the playful spirit of visitors to "Imaginary Friends"

The Joan Miró Foundation appeals to the playful spirit of visitors to "Imaginary Friends"
bonart barcelona - 16/03/23

Curated by Martina Millà and Patrick Ronse, the Joan Miró Foundation presents Amics Imaginaris, an exhibition that aims to bring contemporary art closer to the younger public in a lively and fun way, at the same time challenging the playful spirit of visitors of any age

In psychology, having an imaginary friend refers to the friendly relationship that a child establishes with a person, a character or an animal – or a mixture of all three – that does not exist in reality. Through interaction with this invented companion, the child learns about himself and the world as he plays and explores the vast territory of his imagination and creativity

The exhibition invites children of all ages to connect with a selection of artists and representative works and, through these, develop a personal understanding of art and the power of imagination.

Paola Pivi, Kasper Bosmans, Polly Apfelbaum, Meschac Gaba, Afra Eisma, Pipilotti Rist, Martin Creed, Erwin Wurm and Jeppe Hein present nine installations that invite dialogue with visitors and, in many cases, their collective participation. laboratory Many of these works are exhibited for the first time in a Spanish museum. The project is completed with an extensive public and social program with activities for all types of visitors, with a special focus on family and young audiences, as well as a catalog in the form of a children's book based on a story by Claudia González Caparrós illustrated by Milimbo.

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