"Other Brossas. Joan Brossa and action poetry, the paratheatre" at the Free Arts Center

"Other Brossas. Joan Brossa and action poetry, the paratheatre" at the Free Arts Center
bonart barcelona - 15/03/23

Under the Altres Brosses umbrella, the Fundació Joan Brossa has presented the spring program of the Center de les Arts Lliures, which includes a visual production, three stage productions and a program to support creation that share a common denominator: the universe of Joan Brossa A program that continues to discover Brossian poetics in all its complexity, through visual and scenic proposals that make valid the radical and subversive attitude of the poet towards the forms of poetry, theater and all the artistic expressions that are located in the margins

From March 15 to July 16 you can visit the Other Brushes exhibition. Joan Brossa and the poetry of action, the paratheater, curated by Joan Maria Minguet, who delves into Brossa's universe in this exhibition that interprets the intense dedication that the poet showed for what he called the "paratheater" : poetry on stage that seeks contact with the viewer through fascination, surprise, occurrence. Basically, everything that happens in the scene and has nothing to do with the plot or the narrative. "Be suspicious of intellectuals who spend their lives locked in the basement, said Joan Brossa", the curator of the exhibition began by explaining. For Minguet, "the paratheatrical and performative Brossa is what most vitally demonstrates the sweet utility of the uselessness of art."

As Joan Maria MInguet points out: "There are still Other Brosses to discover, to claim. Joan Brossa deployed a paratheatrical imagination in all areas of his poetry: visual, objectual, literary and scenic. And now he invites us to participate with him and his work in the world of transformation, surprise, enchantment and occurrence. Fregoli and the carnival of revolt; magicians, clowns and trapeze artists; puppeteers, fakirs, mimes and strippers; the cinema that does not want to explain any repeated argument, and the shadows made with the hands. What connects the circus with magic, with the music-hall, with the striptease, with a certain conception of cinema, with all these scenic techniques or disciplines? Within Brossian poetics , what most attracted him to these shows is their anti-narrativeness. Or, at least, their covert narrativity. All these languages do not seek to trap the viewer in a narrative chain, ordered and causal. Quite the contrary, these languages ges are presented as performative and visual manifestations that present a spectacular moment or a succession—non-narrative—of spectacular moments that, above all, seek to surprise and amaze the public."


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