Meeting on "Dora Maar" with Victoria Combalia

Meeting on "Dora Maar" with Victoria Combalia
bonart the vendrell - 15/03/23

Henriette Theodora Markovitch (Paris; November 22, 1907 - Paris; July 16, 1997), better known as Dora Maar, was a French photographer and painter, Picasso's partner between 1936 and 1945.

At the Fundació Apel·les Fenosa, two portraits resulting from the collaborative work between Picasso and Fenosa are on display. The art history specialist and Dora Maar expert, Victoria Combalia, will hold an open talk at 12 noon on March 25, at the museum's headquarters in El Vendrell.

This is a free activity, subject to registration as part of the activities of the month of the fight for women's rights.

The Portrait of Dora Maar, which belongs to the Fundació Apel·les Fenosa, is a four-hand work developed between Apel·les Fenosa and Pablo Picasso, who were friends in Paris since 1923. This fact was confirmed by the Picasso Administration , after a long debate to reveal the authorship.

The plaster bust is from 1943 and was attributed to Picasso in a book published in 1971. However, Nicole Florensa, wife of Apelles, defended the joint authorship of the work, a fact that has been ratified after years. The bust was made with all four hands by both artists, an unusual fact in the career of both creators and only possible because of the great friendship and complicity that united them. The portrait had been among Dora Maar's possessions, which were auctioned after her death in 1997. It was then that Nicole purchased it in October 1998 and added it to the collection of Foundation There is a publication dedicated to the project and edited by the Fundació Apel·les Fenosa on the occasion of the monographic exhibition "Un retrat a quatre mans" published in 2017 and currently sold out.

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