Perpiñà inaugurates "Mediterranean Requiem" at the Valvi Foundation

Perpiñà inaugurates "Mediterranean Requiem" at the Valvi Foundation
bonart girona - 15/11/22

On November 15 at 7 p.m., the Valvi Foundation in Girona opens the new exhibition of paintings by Josep Perpiñà i Citoler (Girona, 1945) entitled Mediterranean Requiem.

The presentation will be given by Nuxu Perpinyà i Salvatella, art historian. In this show the symbol of the fish is the protagonist, especially because of the sea of fish that invade the last stage of Perpignan. It must be said that it is a new turn, a new reinvention of the painter, which allows him to continue swimming in the turbulent ocean of the art world. It should be remembered that the artist already dealt with the subject of fish for the first time in the video-installation Mar-Peix-Marc at the Bernardes Cultural Center in Salt in 1988. Later he also made reference to the anthology entitled Perpignan. From plan to volume, which could be visited at the Casa de la Cultura in Girona in 2016. The exhibition concluded with four pieces entitled Eyes (which were dozens of eyes of different sizes).

As for the title of the exhibition, it refers to some of the melodies composed by Perpiñà during the time of confinement due to the pandemic - in 2020 - specifically the one entitled Mediterranean Requiem, a title that the painter has used to name this show The time that Perpiñà has dedicated to music coincides with the production period of many of the works that are now exhibited in this exhibition. According to the words of Nuxu Perpiñà and Salvatella: "The fish, then, are spawned simultaneously with the rediscovery of the stave and the process of reacquainting oneself with the rules of musical language" and summarizes by saying "we are facing a concentration that the casuistry makes converge in a sign, the fish, which is not lacking in religious, esoteric and universal symbolic connotations, and at the same time is a personal currency. Perpiñà was born under the zodiacal sign of fish and these are a way of representing himself".

Some of the outstanding works in the exhibition are his series of Chinese ink on paper such as Fragments, made in 1994, as well as the inks, mixed media and acrylics on paper produced in 2020. Josep Perpiñà studied elementary drawing studies , Painting and Sculpture at the Municipal School of Fine Arts in Girona; later he studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona, where he graduated. In 1969 he went to Paris with a Scholarship from the Castellblanch Art Endowment. He was an associate professor in the Department of Drawing at the Vicens Vives Institute in Girona until 2005, as well as teaching several engraving courses for teacher training at the University's ICE and the Girona Art Museum. Perpiñà has works in different museums and art galleries in Catalonia and Spain such as the Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid, the Municipal Museum of Olot, the Museum of History of the City of Girona, the Pinacoteca Excma.Diputació Provincial de Girona, etc. ...

The exhibition can be visited until January 7, 2023 from Monday to Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. .

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