The Viceroy hosts "Biennale 2064"

The Viceroy hosts "Biennale 2064"
bonart barcelona - 14/11/22

On November 18, La Virreina hosts the Biennial 2064 exhibition, a co-production between the Consortium of Museums of the Valencian Community, the Bòlit Center of Contemporary Art and the Valencian Government. Biennial 2064 is a curation by Roc Albalat, Jorge Luis Marzo and Arturo fito Rodríguez, members of the Àngela Novo collective, and aims to reflect on oracles in the era of so-called artificial intelligence.

Biennale 2064 is an exhibition about oracles in the age of so-called artificial intelligence. If digital devices accumulate so much data, it is to project all kinds of future forecasts. It is the function of algorithms, which have taken over from the ancient oracles. The new omens, however, have all the points to be fulfilled: when they predict the future, they discard from the present everything that does not make it possible. At the same time, they edit the past to fit the prediction they have made. Through these logics, prediction has become a tool to refine the possibilities of what can be experienced and thought in the future.

The exhibition explores the interaction of these projections with artificial intelligence, understanding the importance of memory in this regard. The past becomes a capacity for prediction and everything that does not make it possible is discarded in the present. This is how Biennale 2064 presents some of these singularities that emerged during the last forty years, such as the actions of Kriska Li in the thirties, the Voyager probe, the psychic currents of the forties and fifties or the Alconostasics.

The exhibition can be visited until February 12, 2023.


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