"Confluences. Contemporary sculpture from the Bassat Collection" at the Frederic Marés Museum

"Confluences. Contemporary sculpture from the Bassat Collection" at the Frederic Marés Museum
bonart barcelona - 15/11/22

The Frederic Marés Museum presents, from November 18 to May 21, Confluences. Contemporary sculpture from the Bassat Collection, an exhibition that travels through the rooms of the Frederic Marès Museum, where the contemporary sculpture from the Bassat collection stops in front of some of the medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and the nineteenth century, to establish a series of confluences.

The verb "confluir" designates the union between two rivers, two streams of water that add up their respective courses. And the will of Confluèncias is precisely for the public to get involved in the flow of the paired works.

On the one hand, it is an invitation to admire twenty-five confluences through thirty sculptures from the collection gathered by Carmen and Lluís Bassat, one of the most complete in Catalonia in its scope Works of affordable dimensions, most created throughout the 20th century by artists such as Joan Miró, Henry Moore, Pablo Gargallo, Julio González, Eduardo Chillida, Josep Maria Subirachs, Manolo Valdés, Joan Brossa or Aurèlia Muñoz, and also by active sculptors during the beginning of the current century.

And on the other hand, the exhibition discourse offers new readings of the Museum and at the same time allows to revisit the nearly thousand years of sculptures collected by Frederic Marès, also an outstanding sculptor and "collector of collections". These are works that are in dialogue, but that does not mean that they always agree. Sometimes there is a simple coexistence, at others, a contrast; also correspondence, intrusions...

In this exhibition, curated by Ricard Mas, each work of art has been created in a certain cultural, religious, social, economic context, and always with a specific purpose. In this exhibition, in addition to understanding their circumstances, we are encouraged to let ourselves be carried away by what these confluences suggest.

In the image: Reliquary bust of a saint, first quarter of the 16th century. Frederic Marès Museum. Photo: © Lady of the Wasps, Gerard Mas, 2009. © Gerard Mas Bassat Collection. Photo: © FotoGasull


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