Rocayats inaugurates the bust of Germán Bernácer at the Bank of Spain

Rocayats inaugurates the bust of Germán Bernácer at the Bank of Spain

On May 23 at 12 noon the Girona sculptor Gerard Roca Ayats (Girona, 1972) inaugurated the marble bust of Germán Bernácer in the exhibition on the figure organized by the Germán Bernácer Chair of the University of Alicante and the Germán Bernácer Economic Debate Forum.

This exhibition can be visited for a month in the Patio de Operaciones of the Bank of Spain represented by Óscar Arce, its Director General of Economics and Statistics, to give us the conference we held to open the exhibition. After its journey through the province of Alicante, which began in Villena, passing through Orihuela, Elda, Ibi, Alcoy and Benidorm, the exhibition has traveled to Madrid.

This project is part of the priority line of action of the Germán Bernácer Chair, the result of a collaboration agreement between the University of Alicante and the Germán Bernácer Economic Debate Forum. The exhibition has also been supported by the university headquarters, the members of the Germán Bernácer Economic Debate Forum and the Town Councils of all these localities and other entities. The opening ceremony was attended by Pablo Hernández de Cos, Governor of the Bank of Spain and the Bernácer family, who have supported this exhibition from the beginning. The Provincial Council of Alicante, the City Council of Alicante, the Conexus Foundation, the College of Economists of Alicante, the Caixa Rural Central and the Mediterranean Foundation have also collaborated. A round table entitled New economic and social scenario after the pandemic will be held in parallel to the exhibition.

Rocayats versatile artist

Rocayats is a versatile artist with different lines of work. These include representations of classical sculpture from various cultures, commissions for personalized works of different styles that adapt to the tastes and needs of the client, representative busts of public and private figures, etc ... His style is realistic figurative, with an absolute mastery of the technique that leads him to the realization of contemporary works with clear classical influences.

At the age of 11, Rocayats made his first sculptural creations in the workshop of the sculptor from the town of Bescanó, Josep Serrat, where he learned to use tools to work wood and stone. Self-taught, he delved into the world of art, studying the classics and the great masters of figurative sculpture. He also studied the anatomy of the human body and specialized in carving granite and marble, which will be the main material for his sculptural works.

His most personal work, in a realistic figurative style, is made of marbles and granites of different colors, iron and bronze. It is currently on display at the Art Al Set art galleries in Andorra, El Claustre de Girona and Gallery / Legends. In recent years, Rocayats has specialized in marble bust carving.

The temporary exhibition can be visited in Madrid until June 23, 2022.


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