XVII Inund'art Festival focuses on sensitive routes


XVII Inund'art Festival focuses on sensitive routes

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This Tuesday at 12 noon the 17th edition of the Girona Inund'Art Festival was presented at the Casa de la Cultura. The event was attended by Joaquim Ayats, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Culture of Girona City Council; Albert Piñeira, vice-president responsible for the Department of Culture, Education, New Technologies, Sports and Welfare of the Girona Provincial Council; Albert Johé, director of the Casa de la Cultura; Josep Calatayud, director of the Territorial Services of Culture and Raquel Moron, coordinator of Inund'Art.

The art exhibition, which will be held from June 3 to July 30, is recovering the public spaces of Girona after two years of pandemic. The city's main locations, such as the Rambla de la Llibertat, will host many proposals from contemporary visual arts artists. You can also enjoy the exhibitions, installations, performances and interventions in the public space.

Sensitive tours and participatory facilities

This year the emphasis is on proposals that welcome sensitive journeys, where the performing arts, music and visual arts merge to create unique experiences for the viewer who is part of the work.

As a novelty, the festival will be located in locations in the center of the city of Girona such as the Rambla de la Llibertat, the Meeting Point, the Plaça de la Volta d'en Rosés and also various cultural facilities in the city such as the Casa de Cultura, the Valvi Foundation and the Girona History Museum (Carbonera, Cisterna and the Antiaircraft Refuge).

During this month of June and July, a total of 31 artists are presented with 25 proposals; a selection that combines a selection of participants in the open call where more than 250 projects were presented and a selection of unique and diverse projects in the field of contemporary visual arts. This hybrid model encourages the consolidation of emerging artists and strengthens the profession of great renowned artists in our country.

Once again, Inund'Art also maintains its commitment in the cultural, artistic and social field by providing programming in the city of Girona that offers a clear vocation for networking and synergies with public schools and institutes, art centers. , universities and the various facilities of the city.

The interaction of the spectator is fundamental in the new proposals of the XVII edition of Inund'Art. The relationship between work and spectator is taken into account; both the tours and the facilities involve the public.

This year, five sensory proposals are presented, such as the one offered by the Cia. Ambulantis with his work Ambulantis, which presents a participatory and poetic journey on the phenomenon of the traveler. Through sensory theater, object theater and documentary theater, the artistic piece mobilizes the viewer through smells, darkness, silence and touch. An intimate experience that invites the public to experience a unique journey.

In the same vein, the Cia. Misstwo Mystic creates, in his microtheater proposal ¡Asalto al paraíso !, worlds in matchboxes for the Argos Pyromaniac to spit sulfur at them and light up their words. With objects and poetry, in a small format show, the company invites everyone who walks along the Rambla de la Llibertat in Girona to attend on Sunday 5 June.

In this space will also be located the proposal of the Teatro de los Sentidos, Espai Kümedungu, which is a place to turn off your phone and stop from the hectic day to day. A journey that emphasizes dreams that are wrapped in music and healing sound waves.

The Festival does not forget the tours for the whole family and that is why it offers proposals for the little ones. Scarlet, presents CorroC, an experience conceived as a guided tour of a collection of heart-shaped stones that come to life, tell stories and are the focus of a geocardioteatralcircense exercise.

Also, Ángeles G. Gordillo (Las miradas compartidas) presents at the Valvi Foundation his show Anhelos which is developed with small theatrical scenes sustained with affection and some doses of humor, which propose to live the experience of a meeting of beings thanks to public participation.

During the days 3, 4 and 5 of June you will also be able to find in the streets of the city the installations, performances and interventions like the one of the artist Virginie Laidin, resident in the Bòlit of Girona, that proposes the installation-performance participatory Nine. A project in which the Women's Art Workshop of the Barri Vell Civic Center collaborates and which explores the vain and essential needs of our body in order to rediscover it, clarify its potential and love its limits.

Also working on this art is Audrey Briot, winner of the Art for Everything contest, who presents the participatory installation project Stymphalian Birds, which explores the influence of feathers as sensors of the environment and of the bodies to form a new sensitive envelope. One of the installations that will have the most presence in the contemporary art exhibition is the one that can be seen on June 4 and 5 on the Rambla de la Llibertat. Bayona Studio with MID STUDIO and Emi Martínez will exhibit “Warp” an eight-meter-high vertical milestone made up of a hyperboloid of threads. This piece allows the permeability of the spectator and becomes an atmospheric refuge.

Until June 24, you can see the photographic exhibition of Mónica G. Saavedra on the facade of the Casa Cultura. The artist is imbued with the work of the renowned Cuban ethnologist Lydia Cabrera, who in her book Cuentos Negros de Cuba reflects, through fables, Afro-Cuban culture, full of folklore, myths and fantasy. The show will be accompanied by the narration of these stories performed by Sara Piemonte.

Collective exhibition at the House of Culture of Girona

Finally, on July 5, the exhibitions open at the Casa de Cultura in Girona, with the participation of 11 visual arts artists in a group exhibition.

You can see the works and audiovisual installations of the artists: Anna Jornet, Carla Palacios, Guillermo Escribano, Joan Vilajoana, JS Monteis, Miquel Garcia, Ramon Balcells, Sergio Cabrera, Laetitia Grün, Azucena Momo and Maria Alzamora. The work of Laetitia Grün, winner of the Cross-border Project (in collaboration with the Agit'hé Association and Casa de la Generalitat in Perpignan), stands out. She presents Through a research project that creates a unique transcription of nature and puts a poetic look at the landscape.

Also noteworthy is the presentation of the selected work through the Special Mention Project, Azucena Momo and Maria Alzamora with Maresia, promoted by the Territorial Coordination of Youth of the Generalitat de Catalunya de Girona and which involves the realization of a traveling exhibition in the Mediterranean Museum of Torroella de Montgrí, in the Sala d'Art Jove of Barcelona and Ca l'Anita de Roses.

In advance, from 3 to 23 June you can enjoy the works of the IES Sobrequés, the Municipal School of Art (EMA) and the proposals of the students of photography and illustration cycles of the School of Art of Olot. In this sense, the show reinforces its commitment to a transversal, community and educational project; for this reason it is committed to the actions of projects in residence of artists in institutes and schools where a work of co-creation between artists and students is proposed: Queralt Armengol, Azucena Momo and Clara Centenera with the students of the IES Jaume Vicens Vives and Laura Bergillos with the students of IES Santa Eugènia.

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