Carlos Piqueras at the Castle of Benedormiens

With artistic studies at Escola Massana in Barcelona, Piqueras' educational background has enriched and shaped his unique vision of art.

Carlos Piqueras at the Castle of Benedormiens

Carlos Piqueras, born in Girona in 1956, has become a master of figurative realism and his artistic career has left a significant mark on the world of contemporary art.

The beginnings of his artistic career go back to the early eighties, marked by a series of individual and collective exhibitions in galleries, museums and art galleries. This initial impulse has evolved steadily over the years, and has continued to this day. Carlos Piqueras has taken his art to several locations, highlighting exhibitions in recognized locations such as Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Girona, Banyoles, Santa Cristina d'Aro, Tossa de Mar, Arenys de Mar, Blanes, Salt, Palamós, Terrassa and Barcelona , and in countries such as Andorra and Germany.

Piqueras' distinctive technique, which uses colored pencils and graphite on paper or treated wood in relatively large formats, has become his artistic signature. This meticulous approach is reflected in the richness of detail and the expressiveness of his works, in which the ability to capture reality with surprising fidelity stands out.

The subject matter of Piqueras' work, influenced by his interest in local issues viewed from a personal prism, resonates with an authenticity that connects with the audience in a profound way. His most recent artistic exploration has allowed him to explore the emotional complexity of his subjects with a mastery that only experience and dedication can bestow.

Carlos Piqueras emerges as an artist whose work transcends time and space, capturing the essence of his environment with technical mastery and a unique perspective. His artistic career is a testament to the constant commitment to evolution and excellence in the art of figurative realism.

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