Adrián Castañeda or what is inside something else

Adrián Castañeda pays attention to the figure of the stowaway, who risks his life hiding in small and dangerous hidden spaces inside trucks, cars or vans.

Adrián Castañeda or what is inside something else

Adrián Castañeda is in charge of filling the Arranz-Bravo Foundation until July with an exhibition of unpublished works, conceived and created for this assembly, devising a reflection on the smuggler who crosses borders hidden in a vehicle, and these spaces and pieces will be the protagonists of the foundation's space.

The artist has directed himself to create research line projects taking the European panorama of immigration, the work that is done to manage this traffic of people, the policies of the internment centers and the conditions of freedom circulation Castañeda exhibited at the end of the year in a collective in Buenos Aires with Madre Monstruo Misa Monstruo, working in time with this tour in l'Hospitalet, always taking these elements from everything that happens around him and from the need to build devices that can make the viewer reflect on issues that concern everyone.

The artist uses this figure of the stowaway and will establish relationships with it, and the sculpture will take a capital preponderance, approaching the exhibition of the entire space of the foundation from the floor, creating a look at the bottom, with pieces of great volume, with a lot of impact and a lot of power. Castañeda will give shape to pieces of great visual weight, in parallel with the documentation of how the piece is dissected until its final result.

Along with this entire universe, the material will also become indispensable, since it will work as a binomial with sculptural materials and classic aesthetics such as bronze, concrete or plaster. This work with matter and objects to hide people, will give way to these large sculptures and large volumes to show how far people's bodies have to go to cross the border of a country, making way for the time and contortion maneuvers. Thus, at the Fundació Arranz-Bravo it will be possible to see internal volumes of vehicles, seat bottoms, tanks, fronts of vehicles, always taking these parts as commodities that are susceptible to becoming hidden spaces.

Situation of the social, political, migratory panorama, of reality, of creating and weaving relationships. This universe will lead us to the recovery and decontextualization of objects based on their reflection.


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