'From oblivion to revolt' continues its journey

The exhibition, with the subtitle of 'Invisible Goddesses', is curated by Fina Duran and Txema Romero and will feature the interventions of contemporary artists such as Francesca Llopis, Fiona Morrison or Txan Grau

'From oblivion to revolt' continues its journey
bonart sabadell - 26/06/24

The traveling exhibition De l'oblit a la revolta, curated by Fina Duran and Txema Romero, which can be visited at the Sabadell Art Museum until July 9, will continue its journey during 2023 and part of 2024 in different spaces and visual arts centers throughout the territory as part of the program of traveling visual arts exhibitions promoted by the Department of Culture.

The exhibition aims to rescue from ostracism the figures of female artists who have been invisible or in the background in official art circuits. The exhibition is born with an itinerant soul with the spirit of rediscovering in each city where it is exhibited, one of these forgotten or little-recognized artists in the history of art. The contemporary artists Francesca Llopis, Txan Grau, Fiona Morrison, Ivonne Navarro and Marga Ximenez, will take up the legacy of these women to revitalize it with their artistic practices with the ambition of correcting the forgotten stories of art dominated by masculine nouns.

Starting from female mythological figures, from goddesses with secondary roles to the great heroes and Olympian gods in a history written by men, contemporary artists will take mythology as a thread to rescue the work of several female artists who have been anonymous or silenced until now , from different disciplines, many of the misnamed "minor arts".

From oblivion to revolt, the textile painter Josefa Gonzalez recovers through the Metis goddess rediscovered by the feminist illustrator Ivonne Navarro; the painter Maria Lluïsa Malibran through Hecate reviewed by the visual artist Fionna Morrison; Magdalena Mañosa as a representative of the women of the artistic workshops Lena seen from the choruses, a collective character of the Greek theater who sang and danced under the orders of the head of the choir, from the eyes of the plastic artist, illustrator and sculptor Marga Ximenez; the model of painting and sculpture Mercè Gallen who, among many works, modeled for the statue of the allegory of the Republic that culminated the obelisk of the monument to Pi Margall in Barcelona, through the muse of history by the Greeks , Clio, by the multidisciplinary visual artist Francesca Llopis; and the film editor Elena Jaumandreu based on the goddess Demèter by the illustrator Txan grau.

As it travels through the different art centers of Catalonia, the exhibition will recover the work of other Catalan artists -close to the municipality where it is exhibited- through the eyes of current artists with the female figures of the classical mythology as an axis. In the case of the Sabadell Art Museum, it will be by the Sabadell artist Anna Llimós, particularly interested in the concept of memory that will recover the work of the photographer Anita Figueras, also from Sabadell, starting from the Greek muse Melpomene. The couples of current and recovered artists will gradually be incorporated into the exhibition that will be expanded at each location.


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