The Network of Art Museums of Catalonia (XMAC) starts the cycle of dialogues 'Tàpies. Art and Territory'

A total of twelve art museums, spread throughout the Catalan territory, participate in the cycle promoted by the XMAC

The Network of Art Museums of Catalonia (XMAC) starts the cycle of dialogues 'Tàpies. Art and Territory'
bonart barcelona - 07/06/24

The Network of Art Museums of Catalonia is about to start the cycle of dialogues 'Tàpies. Art and territory' on the occasion of the celebration of the centenary of the birth of the artist Antoni Tàpies.

It is a collective initiative, in which a dozen museums that make up the XMAC will participate. In this sense, 'Tàpies. Art and territory' wants to vindicate a key figure for Catalan culture, with an international trajectory, all the while fostering new views and contributions that connect this legacy with the collections and with the programming of the museum facilities that make up the program. So, the Valls Museum, the Girona Art Museum, the MAMT. Modern Art Museum of Tarragona, the MEV. Museum of Medieval Art, the MACBA. Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona, the Sabadell Art Museum, the Empordà Museum, the Cerdanyola Art Museum, the Solsona Diocesan and County Museum, the Apel·les Fenosa Foundation, the Abelló Museum and the Palau Foundation propose a program in which two specialists will be invited to each museum, linked to the artistic or academic field, in order to reflect on the surroundings of the Tapià legacy. A total of 24 voices that will connect this legacy of all with the Catalan territory and the museums that make up this landscape. '

With very diverse approaches that go from Dau to Set, through material paintings, objects, tapestries, Romanesque or Orientalism but addressing topics directly linked to education, poetry or iconography, the set will allow to connect the XMAC, from the territory and with art, through Tàpies. In this sense, it is the first time that the Network of Art Museums of Catalonia organizes a cycle of these characteristics, both in terms of territorial scope and the conceptual dimension of the proposal.

The first dialogue will take place on June 13 at the Valls Museum and the last one is planned at the Palau Foundation on December 12. 'You're stupid. Art and territory', over the course of six months, will travel throughout Catalonia with the aim of resituating the work of Tàpies in the present time. The whole of this journey will be collected in a publication that will be edited by XMAC, during the first half of 2025, and that will collect the reflections and key ideas that will be offered by the kaleidoscope of voices that have been invited.

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