Artur Ramon Art inaugurates 'Ferran Freixa. The poetics of space'

The exhibition is part of the renowned LUMINIC photography festival in Sant Cugat

Artur Ramon Art inaugurates 'Ferran Freixa. The poetics of space'
bonart barcelona - 05/06/24

Artur Ramon Art starts the summer season with a new exhibition dedicated to the work of photographer Ferran Freixa, entitled Ferran Freixa. The poetics of space. This exhibition will take place from June 13 to July 26, 2024.

Ferran Freixa (1950-2021), a member of a generation that encouraged the emergence of creative photography in Catalonia, is known for his exceptional ability to capture and sublimate the state of things. His work, which is reaffirmed in the inherent stability of the square format and in the use of black and white, has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout Europe, the United States and Asia.

In the work of Ferran Freixa, the sense of aesthetics and poetics stands out, but also the composition and the treatment of light. Professionally distinguished as an architecture and interior design photographer, Freixa gives a vision that marks much of his artistic production: the frontality, the points of view, the balanced compositions, the natural light, and the slow and leisurely pace of work.

The opening of the exhibition, which will take place on June 13, 2024 from 5 p.m., will be a unique opportunity to explore Ferran Freixa's poetic view of spaces. With their meticulous compositions and masterful use of natural light, Freixa's photographs create an atmosphere of stillness and serenity that invites contemplation. The photographed interiors become protagonists of a visual narrative that speaks of memory, history and human experience.

In "La poética de l'espai", visitors will be able to enjoy a selection of photographs that include interiors of establishments and shop windows in Barcelona, where the spaces are mute witnesses of past lives, full of details that tell stories without words Freixa's introspective and universal look is manifested in the shadows that dialogue with the light, in how objects suggest invisible presences and how silence permeates every corner.

Mònica Ramon, head of the gallery, points out: "We are delighted to present Ferran Freixa's exhibition. His photographs transport us to a new perspective of everyday life, capturing the beauty hidden in every corner and detail of the spaces." This exhibition is a unique opportunity to discover the work of one of the best photographers of his generation and to explore the secrets hidden behind the closed doors of Barcelona. In addition, it coincides with the exhibition Punctum Primavera Fotogràfica, 1982-2004 at the MNAC.

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