Cristina Montero's "I Nature".

Cristina Montero reveals her architect's vision to advance the construction of sculptural volumes with the complicity of 3D computational technology

Cristina Montero's "I Nature".
Daniel Fuentes olot - 06/06/24

Nature has been and is a source of inspiration for many artists who seek in it the creative path that leads them to find the meaning of life through art.

From her workshop-showroom in Olot, Cristina Montero is one of these artists who seeks in the natural habitat the inner connection that will eventually develop the creative essence of her sculptures.

His concern is based on finding the balance between the inside and the outside to understand that the human being is one more element of an ecosystem called the planet. That the "I Nature" is present in a consciousness designed to understand a new framework of relationships that lead the human being to feel part and not the epicenter of life.

Cristina Montero's "I Nature".

Understanding the artist's creative process leads us to discover a biomimetic process in itself, where to feel part of a whole, where to observe what surrounds you is to get excited and this process, inspiring bio allows Cristina Montero to create sculptural forms that walk in the middle of a continuous process of experimentation.

The artist goes into the understanding of the processes, the mechanisms, the functions of nature to define sculptural forms aligned to a symbiotic understanding of life. The artist strips the essence of its function from a leaf in order to make visible the meaning it has for humans to live. The artist delves into the understanding of a tree's life as a challenge to gravity, to rediscover the sense of being.

Cristina Montero's "I Nature".

Atmosphere, photosynthesis, chlorophyll, oxygen, release, absorption, transparency, light, epidermis, all the factors involved in the process of conceptualizing your work to reach the development and design phase.

At this point is where the artist shows his architect's vision to advance in the construction of the sculptural volumes with the complicity of 3D computational technology, without forgetting the artisanal modeling that gives him the necessary soul to excite the spectator

His large-format work reinforces the idea of the power that the human being has from within to achieve what one sets out to do. A power that is also reflected in some of his works where the branches of a tree merge with the face of a woman.


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