The Naked Eye Andorran cultural resistance

The Ull Nu Festival ended on May 11, 2024 claiming to be "the Andorran cultural resistance" and has called on society to be more critical in order to be better

The Naked Eye Andorran cultural resistance
bonart andorra la vella - 26/05/24

On May 11, the Andorra la Vella Congress Center presented the awards for the short film competition of the eleventh edition of the Nu Eye Festival. The closing event served the organization to take stock of an edition that had a very good audience attendance and a very eclectic variety of proposals related to audiovisual and counterculture. The management has claimed this festival as "the Andorran cultural resistance" and has called on society to be more critical in order to be better.

Precisely, the co-director Marc Camardons has closed the Ull Nu with these words: "We want a country where we truly believe in the potential of the people who live there. We want a country where you can love without fear of losing political office, we want a country that does not denounce people who raise their voices, we want a country that believes in its artists and in the potential of its young people; we want a country that loves its citizens so much that it allows them to be free and where you can have an abortion without being exiled".

More than 600 works were submitted to the competition and a jury composed of experts has been tasked with selecting the winners. This year, the professionals who chose the award-winning works were the editor Sofia Escudé, the film critic Mariona Borrull and the Andorran film director, Álvaro Rodríguez. The jury for the Carnet Jove award was Andrea Camp, Cristina Cortés and Jan Martí.

As reported by the organization, the prize awarded with 1,500 euros by the Government for the Best Short Film, the biggest prize of the contest, went to Frenchman Franck Hourliac with the work 'Chaud'.

As for the award for Best Screenplay this year, it went to the play 'Frialdad' by the Andorran Andrea Sánchez, which won 1,000 euros from the General Council. This is a fictional-experimental short that is inspired by the film 'The specter of justine' by the also Andorran Jordi Gigó.

Regarding the Best short film assessed by the Carnet Jove jury, it went to Dubi Cano, Marta Codesido, Núria Ubach and Ulrika Anderson with 'Les mes grans', and a prize of 1,000 euros.

As for the Ull Nu LAB screenplay prizes, endowed with 500 euros each, they have been for 'Un lloc segur', by Aura Sala and for the play 'Broken Toys', by Max Mir and Enrique Pereira. The award was announced by Alejandro Marín and Marta Grau, the tutors of the LAB, and Anna Vives, delegate of the Generalitat de Catalunya in Andorra, presented the awards as this year the Delegation has supported these workshops.

The piece that the jury has rated as Best Photography, a prize offered by the Andorran National Commission of Unesco, was for 'Provocadora' Èlia Lorente, and for a value of 800 euros.

The National Archives of Andorra Award at the Ull Nu Festival for the Preservation of Historical Memory went to 'Les vallées des rides' by Sinoë Meissonnier with a grant of 1,000 euros.

One of the newly added awards to the Ull Nu poster is Best Editing and this has gone to the short film 'Mikado' by Miquel Gomila which has also taken home the amount of 1,000 euros. The award was presented by the Minister of Culture, Mònica Bonell, who in her speech highlighted the quality of all the films that were seen and remarked that as long as there are people who organize festivals like the 'Ull Nu, the audiovisual sector will have a long life.

The Andorran Youth Forum prize for best direction went to the video clip 'Superlesbiana' by Anna Asensio, with 1,000 euros. Interestingly, the actress and singer of this piece is Adriana Llobet, from Seu d'Urgell.

Finally, the Andorra la Vella audience prize went to 'Nocturnas', by Pau Canivell, Maria Sánchez and Rubén García. This award was presented by the junior consul of Andorra la Vella, Olalla Losada.


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