Open call to participate in the Panoràmic Granollers festival

Open call to participate in the Panoràmic Granollers festival
bonart granollers - 20/05/24

Open call for national creators who work with audiovisual capsules to participate in the Panoràmic festival. This call is articulated as a meeting point from which a network of interactions between creators, programmers and the public is generated. This edition of Open Panoràmic is coordinated by Xavier de Lucca and Houari Bouchenak.

Panoràmic's relational space allows creators, selected by the festival team, to show their work in the official selection. Likewise, the festival invites various agents of the art world (curators, gallerists, directors of artistic centers or visual arts technicians of public or private institutions) to exchange opinions with the aim of promoting and disseminating, if the case, the audiovisual creations of these artists through their networks or institutions.

The theme of this call is "Extremes / Polarization"

In the first quarter of the 21st century, we are witnessing a polarization of society in the so-called "advanced economies", the result of the concentration of power by large corporations in the era of globalization. Political polarization, another consequence of the loss of state power, causes public opinion to split into two opposite extremes. This makes it difficult to find consensus and puts democratic systems at risk while favoring populist and authoritarian policies.

The aesthetics of polarization has a clear effect on the operation of automatisms in networks. When political confrontation is based on basic identities, simplistic messages and misrepresentations, polarization spreads throughout society and discourses of hate and political and social exclusion emerge. Another dimension of this polarization is our testimony to the most accentuated inequalities, as demonstrated by the survival of slavery practices, the emergence of new conflicts with terminologies such as "the war against terrorism", which threaten the security of society international, or the phenomenon of mass migrations and the new slavery.

Finalist projects will receive a grant of €200 in terms of reproduction rights and the delivery deadline is May 30, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

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