Delegation of the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia hosts 'European resonances: Eduard Bigas evokes Josep Pla'

A conversation a century away that results in a series of pieces that invite us to reread the history of a century ago

Delegation of the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia hosts 'European resonances: Eduard Bigas evokes Josep Pla'
bonart berlin - 23/05/24

The painter and cartoonist Eduard Bigas will present the exhibition European resonances: Eduard Bigas evokes Josep Pla next May 22 at the Government delegation in Germany. This is an exhibition that unites art and literature in a journey through space and in which the pieces created by the author, inspired by Josep Pla's vision of his vision around the Europe of the twentieth century

In 1923, as a correspondent in Berlin for the newspaper La Publicitat, Josep Pla told the Catalan public how the post-World War II European scene looked, marked by rampant inflation, growing tension and the rise of populism, which it would end up triggering the arrival of various fascisms in power the following decade. Exactly a century later, another Palafrugell resident settled in Berlin, the plastic artist Eduard Bigas, contemplates the European scene and notes that everything he sees inexcusably reminds him of the work of Josep Pla: inflation, the war in Ukraine , the revival of populism and the extreme right...

Eduard Bigas aims to show some pieces that were inspired by reading the work of Josep Pla and which were created specifically for this exhibition. Thus, they are distributed from various spaces that have marked key moments in his life trajectory and that serve to illustrate the cosmopolitan profile that unites both authors. The exhibition takes viewers to different corners of Europe, such as London, Russia and Berlin. The German capital, specifically, given that Plan worked there as a correspondent.

The coincidences between the two artists in this exhibition leads to an exhibition that revitalizes the perspective that Plan had to capture the current reality through artistic expression. Thus, they create a dialogue between the two with a hundred years of distance from different forms of artistic expression.


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