Art & Fashion

Art & Fashion, new section in bonart magazine

'Venus de Milo amb Calaixos', 1936 i 'Vestit de Calaixos', 1936
Art & Fashion, new section in bonart magazine
bonart girona - 17/05/24

From the time of the ancient Egyptians to the contemporary era, fashion has been a canvas for artistic expression. In the Renaissance, luxurious pieces reflected the splendor of art and architecture. Today, designers such as Iris van Herpen and Maison Margiela continue this tradition, creating pieces that are true works of art, fusing technology and design with unparalleled mastery.

bonart magazine inaugurates the Art & Fashion section and delves into the worlds where fashion designers find inspiration in art and artists immerse themselves in the aesthetics of textile design. This section will be a tribute to the visionary minds that challenge the norms and redefine the possible, seeking to capture the essence of fashion as an art form in itself.

Art and fashion have always shared an intimate bond. Fashion designers find inspiration in the masterpieces of great painters, while artists often look to fashion to capture the essence of contemporary culture. In this new section, we'll celebrate this symbiotic relationship through in-depth articles, exclusive interviews and cutting-edge editorials that challenge convention and expand the boundaries of creativity.

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